CEO Ami Gan Steps Down at OnlyFans, Keily Blair Steps Up

After steering the helm of OnlyFans for an impactful tenure of approximately two and a half years, Ami Gan, the pioneering CEO, is set to bid farewell. Ami Gan Stepping into her formidable shoes is Keily Blair, who has previously served as the Chief Strategy and Operations Officer. Reflecting on her time at OnlyFans, Gan noted the immense gratification she derived from seeing the platform resonate profoundly within the cultural spectrum. She shared her feelings in a heartfelt Twitter thread, emphasizing the significance of her journey with the company. OnlyFans, renowned for supporting adult content creators, has reached unprecedented heights under Gan's leadership. Gan said the platform disbursed its creators an astounding $10 billion during her tenure. Further, PitchBook's projections highlight OnlyFans' financial prosperity, estimating revenue of $2.5 billion for the platform in 2022, with the company retaining 20% of creator payments. Despite its resounding success, the CEO position at OnlyFans is fraught with formidable challenges. Amid a changing landscape of global legislation and credit card policies that affect online adult content creators, the platform had to innovate and adapt continuously. The repercussions of a past controversy, where OnlyFans almost banned explicit content, are still felt by its community. This pivotal moment, although ultimately reversed, shook the creators who feared facing the financial repercussions of being de-platformed. Addressing these concerns, Gan reassured the community that adult content creators would continue to have a place on OnlyFans in the coming years. However, Gan and Blair remained cautious about the actual revenue contribution from adult creators as the platform expands its 'safe-for-work' offerings, including OFTV. As Gan prepares to exit OnlyFans, she has unveiled her next exciting venture: Hoxton Projects. This marketing company aims to redefine the agency paradigm to bolster business growth for founders. This move is in line with Gan's proficiency in marketing, visible from her previous roles as Chief Marketing Officer at OnlyFans, and leading communications at Cannabis Cafe, Red Bull, and Quest Nutrition, among others. Blair, the incoming CEO, brings to the table her extensive experience in data privacy law, an invaluable asset for a company like OnlyFans, where user data safety is paramount. Meanwhile, Matt Reeder will step into Blair's shoes as CSOO, and Sue Beeby is set to become OnlyFans' Chief Communications Officer, thereby ensuring a smooth transition in leadership. As her first act of leadership, Keily Blair posted the following message on Twitter about her new role.
I believe that if you work hard, you should be rewarded for your work and your creativity no matter what your background or your choice of career. I believe that if you work hard you should be rewarded for your work and your creativity no matter what your background or your choice of career. OnlyFans is an inclusive platform that enables our diverse community of content creators to be paid fairly for the work they produce. It has empowered millions of creators around the world and continues to play a significant role in the growth of the creator economy. OnlyFans only succeeds when creators succeed, so creators (from all genres) will be at the heart of every decision we make. Thank you to my friend & outgoing CEO @AmrapaliGan who has launched her own consultancy Hoxton Projects. I know she will continue to be a huge success!
You can follow Ami Gan on Twitter at @AmrapaliGan You can follow the new CEO Keily Blair, on Twitter at @KeilyBlair  

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