Captivating Milfs Star in Hot New MYLF Scenes

MYLF releases a collection of 5 sizzling new scenes, featuring the captivating performances of Summer Hart, Slimthick Vic, Callie Brooks, and other irresistibly alluring milfs. Captivating Milfs Star in Hot New MYLF Scenes Summer Hart lives a double life in a brand new Anal Mom scene, “Guess Who’s Camming”. Summer is a typical suburban mom with a secret, she’s a super famous camgirl! When her stepson (Rion King) finds out, he convinces Summer into giving him a special private performance just for him. Summer agrees and gives Rion the show of his life– as long as her husband doesn’t find out about this! Mom Swap features Slimthick Vic and Lindsey Lake going to the NHL Finales in a new scene,  “NHL Turns Me On”. After Vic falls into hard times, her best friend Lindsey tries to cheer her up by inviting Vic and her stepson (Rico Hernandez) to go to the NHL Finales with her and her own stepson (Elias Cash). The four decide to spend the rest of the night together after the game ends, but both Vic and Lindsey have other plans in mind for them other than sleeping… Ryan Keely stars in the last installment of “Momster-in-Law” in an all-new Bad Milfs scene. In “Momster-in-Law Part 3: The Big Day”, the long-awaited wedding day has arrived, bringing tensions to a boiling point between bride Serena Hill and her stepmother-in-law Ryan. Before walking down the aisle, Serena is shocked to find Ryan wearing a white dress that looks like hers. This causes the two to get into a huge fight, which then leads to Serena letting her fiance (Oliver Flynn) know that she wants to cancel the wedding. But, Ryan surprises everyone when she apologizes to Serena for everything. The two makeup and the wedding continues as planned, which leads to a very passionate wedding night between Serena, Oliver... and Ryan! BBC Paradise also features Slimthick Vic in a new scene, “A Better Job for Her”. When Vic gets fired from her job, she makes a plan to convince her boss (Hollywood Cash) to reconsider his decision by inviting him over for dinner. When Cash comes over, Vic makes him an offer he just can’t refuse. Vic wants her job back and she’s willing to do anything for Cash to make that happen! MYLF will launch a brand new series Milf Taxi! Callie Brooks stars in the first installment, “The Busty Babe in the Back Seat”. Callie just finished having brunch with her friends and calls a taxi to pick her up. Driver Calvin Hardy is the lucky stud who has the pleasure of taking Callie home. Callie and Calvin immediately start flirting with each other and Calvin even asks Callie to flash him for a free ride. Callie wants to take it further than that which prompts Calvin to pull over to a place that’s more private so the two can enjoy each other’s bodies! Visit and follow on Twitter @GotMylf.

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