Cami Strella Guests on And Now We Drink Podcast with Host Matt Slayer

OnlyFans creator Cami Strella recently stopped by the popular podcast And Now We Drink for a revealing interview with host Matt Slayer about the brunette beauty’s eye-opening life experiences in the adult entertainment industry. In the new podcast episode, Strella opens up about her personal accomplishments and challenges in the adult entertainment industry, prioritizing consent and boundaries while shooting on set, her preference for directing her own independent content, and her desire to create a strong connection with her fans. She also shared her harrowing experience with a multi-level marketing (MLM) cult that ultimately served to help her thrive in the business world. [embedyt][/embedyt]
“I really appreciated the opportunity to sit for an interview and chat with Matt on his podcast, and I enjoyed talking about my crazy experiences growing up in the Bible Belt, as well as our shared love of the Waffle House and rare bourbons and whiskeys!” she said.
Beyond her impressive career as a performer, Strella boasts a background in Occupational Therapy with a focus on neurology and neurological rehabilitation and is dedicated to giving back to her community: she is a staunch advocate for alternative treatments for TBIs (traumatic brain injuries) and PTSD, has helped fund research and projects around psychedelic-assisted therapy and regularly donates to support veterans with injuries and PTSD. Be sure and follow Cami Strella on Twitter at @thecamistrella.

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