Cami Strella Examines the Modern-Day Adult Entertainer

Now more than ever before, adult performers, models, influencers and content creators have the opportunity to earn serious money, but top online earner Cami Strella reminds up & comers that the road to big payouts is a 24/7 hustle. Cami Strella Examines the Modern-Day Adult Entertainer Social media has become a critical tool for performers to promote their brand, as platforms like Instagram and TikTok allow creators to fully showcase their personalities and talents in order to better connect with their audience. By posting intimate peeks into their personal lives and professional projects, performers can keep followers engaged and interested in their work. However, building a sizable fan following is a lengthy process and doesn’t necessary translate to paying customers.
The media touts online creators as carefree moguls swimming in a sea of cash, but Strella says “the overwhelming majority of OnlyFans models don’t make much money. “In addition to a strong social media presence, you also need to prioritize fan engagement and continuously post fresh content, as well as develop several different revenue streams and build a reputable media profile through PR placement. Then you cross your fingers and hope there are people out there who really like you and what you are doing.” Strella adds that “staying true to who you are is key; so many models go all out with the plastic surgery and overt sexuality to attract a fan base. I am 100% guilty of trying this myself, and found that it only leads to quicker bans on socials. Turns out, presenting your confident, authentic self is very appealing to potential subscribers, and you’ll find it makes all the difference in your paycheck!”
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