Cadet Khloe: The Full Movie on TeamSkeet

The wait is over! TeamSkeet Features proudly announces the highly anticipated release of the full-length movie, “Cadet Khloe”. Starring May AllStar Khloe Kapri, this captivating film takes audiences on an unforgettable journey filled with desire, rebellion, and taboos. Cadet Khloe: The Full Movie on TeamSkeetCadet Khloe” follows the spirited Army brat, Khloe, as she navigates failing a class by sleeping with her teacher (GI Joey) but finds herself at the TeamSkeet Reform School for Rebellious Teens right after. Battling the strict drill sergeant, Kira Handcock, Khloe's lust for some steamy fun remains unyielding. Witness Khloe's rebellion alongside her bunkmates, Freya Von Doom and Chloe Temple, as they find ways to sneak in Jimmy Michaels into their room for a sexy good time. With Memorial Day approaching, Khloe must keep her failing grades hidden from her stepdad, Sergeant Miles, with the help of her stepbrother, Parker Ambrose. However, when Miles discovers Khloe's secret, he is left with no choice but to bang her silly along with Parker, testing her resilience as a cadet.
“‘Cadet Khloe’” is a thrilling and seductive cinematic experience that will leave audiences craving for more”, said a company rep, “Khloe Kapri's magnetic performance will captivate viewers and take them on a wild ride filled with desire, rebellion, and unexpected twists.”
Cadet Khloe: The Full Movie on TeamSkeet Watch the full-length version of “Cadet Khloe” now streaming only on!

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