Brittany Andrews Drops Exclusive Scene “Clone”

Brittany Andrews drops "Clone" on her official site, which has her starring opposite her blonde, big-boobed, curvy clone Brittney Kade. Brittany Andrews Drops Exclusive Scene “Clone” Today, one of Brittany Andrews' biggest self-produced scenes, "Clone," is available to members of her official site The script is very intricate and should score some nominations this coming awards season. In her son's late teens, Brittany Andrews becomes a porn star—this causes a rift, and he leaves home. One day, her son returns home and is now her daughter, played by Brittney Kade. Her now daughter has followed her mom's career, become attracted to her, and now has a bimbofied porny look, exactly like her mom's, and has the same first name (spelled slightly differently). Dressed identically, Brittany K is a Mini Me of Brittany A, living up to the scene's title. As they patch up their family issues, her daughter Brittney turns up the heat and seduction in this highly original scene.
"I've always wanted to work with Brittney Kade and noticed how similar our look is. This scene is a true original, and I've never seen anything like it until now. We look amazing together, and my fans are eating it up, just how I like it," says Brittany Andrews.
Get more Brittany Andrews this weekend and check out her new My Pervy Family scene, "Relax and Let Stepmommy Do It…" that she stars with Johnny Love. The whole family is on vacay, and Brittany catches Johnny jerking it to stepmom porn, so she decides to help him and her get off. You can watch Brittany's My Pervy Family scene here.

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