Brad Jones of MeetKinksters is on Adult Site Broker Talk

Brad Jones is the founder & CTO of MeetKinksters, the sex-positive relationships app. After working as a freelance developer for some time, he took a position as chief technology officer for a web development agency before starting MeetKinksters. Brad Jones of MeetKinksters is on Adult Site Broker Talk He has been a political operative and reporter in his prior life. He works as a paramedic and firefighter on the side and does scuba diving in his spare time. He travels the American West full-time in his RV. MeetKinksters was established on the belief that everyone should be able to find romantic and platonic happiness in their relationships. Hookup apps assume that your only goal is to find sex with someone, and mainstream dating sites deliberately prevent you from disclosing your sexual preferences. The moment has come to equip people with the resources they need to find love throughout the whole spectrum of compatibility as they gain confidence in their sexual identity.
Adult Site Broker's CEO and show host Bruce said, "Brad was a fascinating guest. He's had a lot of experiences, making him a well-rounded individual. His new dating app is great and useful for people of all preferences, and his perspective on the dating world is novel.”
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