Blac Chyna Turns to Religion and Shuts Down Her OnlyFans

Blac Chyna used to be known for her sexy image and the exaggerated look she achieved with plastic surgery and fillers, but those days are gone. Blac Chyna deleted her Onlyfans that was rumored to be making her millions. But that's not all; she also got baptized, changed her name back to her birth name (Angela White), removed her implants and fillers & got her demonic tattoos removed.
Honestly, for me, I was like, this is too much. It's time for a change. This is not really who I am. Something just came over me like, the Holy Spirit came over me. And I was like, 'You know what? I need to figure out about what's my purpose in life. Like, why am I here?' I had to make a change, so I could start walking into my own truth. And I feel like for me, that's very important," Black Chyna explained.
Now, Chyna, whose real name is Angela White, says she is a born-again Christian — and she's making some big changes in her life to reflect that. One of those changes, as she explained in a new video, she shared on Instagram, is the removal of a "demonic" tattoo from her hip. "So y'all know that I got this Baphomet tattoo," she said, referring to the old pagan deity that's depicted as a goat with a pentagram on its forehead and is commonly associated with Satan. "It's got to come off, you know what I mean?" she asked. "I'm not about to have no mark of the beast, nothing like that." Chyna added, "I will tell you this, when I first got the tattoo, that is not what it meant to me, you know what I mean? Regardless of what it is, I just don't want anything negative or demonic anymore." She proceeded to put down a mattress in the back of her truck and lie down as a hired driver took her to Las Vegas so she could begin the process of getting the tattoo removed. She's had her breast implants and gluteal implants removed, and she's dissolved the filler in her cheeks and lips. Blac Chyna She's been on a media tour for the last month, talking about her "life changes" and posts some of those interviews on her Twitter page, which you can follow at @blacchyna.  

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