Bea York Launches Lingerie Fund

Bea York has relaunched her infamous Lingerie Fund, and this time fans can help her fund a custom-made lingerie set and score some stellar perks. Bea York Launches Lingerie Fund Imagine Bea York in a custom-made lingerie set created by the designer of Evgenia. It’s happening if her fans enter a special edition of her Lingerie Fund. And they can score some stellar rewards, including a one-of-a-kind Clone-A-Pussy stroker of Bea’s moneymaker. The buy-in is broken down into how much the fans donate to her Lingerie Fund:
  • $5 gets a selfie photo set in the new lingerie set.
  • $25 scores a studio photo set in the new lingerie, a fun roleplay video, and the selfie photo set.
  • $80 nabs you a 4-minute tease and masturbation video (with Bea saying your name throughout), plus a studio photo set in the new lingerie, a fun roleplay video, and the selfie photo set.
  • $150 snags you a 13-minute tease and masturbation video with a toy (saying your name at the beginning and end of the video), a studio photo set, a fun roleplay video, and a selfie photo set.
  • $200 will get you a big care package of home-baked cookies, photos, and some well-loved lingerie, plus the studio photo set, fun roleplay video, and selfie photo set. And an extra $100 will get you some sexy panties.
Also available for $60 each are an IMAGE3D Viewfinder, photo reel, and 5 Instax plus the selfies, photo set, and roleplay video.
“The Lingerie Fund has always been popular with my fans, but this time I’m doing something I’ve never done by partnering with Evgenia for a custom lingerie set. If you want to see this set on me and potentially win my Clone-a-Pussy, make sure to donate and choose your rewards,” says Bea York.
Any reward you choose that’s $25 or more will get you an entry to win her one-of-a-kind Clone-A-Pussy. To donate and score reward(s), tip Bea on her free or premium OnlyFans or ManyVids This special Lingerie Fund runs until the custom lingerie set is funded. More details about the Lingerie Fund can be found on her official site You can follow Bea York on Twitter @ubeayork.

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