Avery Jane Wows with New Brazzers & Fake Hostel Scenes

Avery Jane has two brand-new scenes from Brazzers and Fake Hostel for her worldwide fans to indulge in. And her episode of the Totally Wholesome (Not Dirty) Podcast with Molly Stewart is now available. [caption id="attachment_8968788" align="aligncenter" width="960"]Avery Jane Wows with New Brazzers & Fake Hostel Scenes Photo courtesy of Brazzers' "Avery Wants Anal"[/caption] It’s a big week for Avery Jane--she has two of her scenes premier. Her first marks her return to Brazzers and has her doing what she does best…anal. “Avery Wants Anal” opens with her answering interview questions and introducing herself before the dashing Isiah Maxwell pounds all her holes, including her favorite one. It’s only been up a few days, but it already has over 12k views and a 93% approval rating. Watch the trailer and exclusive scene HERE. Avery’s second scene is for Fake Hostel and was shot in Europe last Spring. “Spunk Oud: Fragrance Eau de Cockette” revolves around a new fragrance that makes men irresistible to all women. Steve Q spritzes himself with it, and Avery and Sofia Lee are immediately attracted to him. They can’t keep their hands off him. It’s a wild night in the ladies’ Fake Hostel bedroom. It’s a Euro threeway you don’t want to miss! Check it out at fakehostel.com.
“I love it when my new scenes come out! My fans are always excited, and two in one week is double the fun! Make sure to ‘heart’ my Brazzers scene so you’ll see more of me on there,” says Avery Jane.
Also, check out Avery on The Totally Wholesome (Not Dirty) Podcast with Molly Stewart and her bestie. “Episode 109: Clown Orgies & Urine Therapy” is available on Apple Podcasts and their website twndpodcast.com. Look for the video version to hit their YouTube Channel, youtube.com/mollystewartchats, soon. You can follow Avery Jane on X @AveryJaneXO. You can follow Isiah Maxwell on X @isiahmaxwell. You can follow Brazzers on X @Brazzers. You can follow Sofia Lee on X @SofiaLee_XXX. You can follow Fake Hostel on X @FakeHostel. You can follow Molly Stewart on X @callmemissmolly.

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