Attorney Corey D. Silverstein to Illuminate Tech-Legal Crossroads at TES 2023

In an era where the line between technology and legality continually blurs, one name, Corey D. Silverstein, emerges as a beacon of clarity. Renowned for his expertise at and Adult.Law, Silverstein has now unveiled his speaking lineup for the esteemed TES Affiliate Conference, set for September 17-20 in the scenic expanse of the Czech Republic. Attorney Corey D. Silverstein to Illuminate Tech-Legal Crossroads at TES 2023 On September 19th, at high noon local time, Silverstein dives deep into the world of Artificial Intelligence with his session, "A.I.: Opportunities and Legal Minefields." The talk promises to be a discerning lens on how business operators can navigate the intricate maze of legalities surrounding the rapidly evolving realm of A.I. Later the same day, at 4 pm, Silverstein confronts a pressing quandary in the digital age: age verification. In "Age Verification in the U.S.: Navigating the Legal Labyrinth," attendees will gain insights into the recent flurry of age verification laws enacted in multiple U.S. states, the rationale behind such moves, and their ramifications on a global scale. The trifecta concludes on September 20th, 3 pm, with the "Legal Panorama 2023-24: Web Business Edition." Silverstein will present a holistic view of this year's pivotal legal moments and foreshadow what 2024 might have in store.
"Every year, TES becomes a melting pot of diverse internet innovators. My seminars are tailored to address pressing issues spanning this varied landscape," shared a zealous Silverstein. The tech-legal virtuoso further expressed excitement about the prospects of brainstorming on the flourishing domain of A.I.
As the event looms, Silverstein's calendar fills up rapidly. Those wishing to harness his insights firsthand in Prague can promptly reach out for an appointment at The intersection of technology and law beckons, and with Silverstein at the helm, clarity is guaranteed. Join Silverstein on Twitter (X) at @myadultattorney.  

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