Ashton Egner Guest on Adult Site Broker Talk

Ashton Egner manages marketing operations and communications for the pioneers in interactive intimacy, Kiiroo and FeelRobotics. Ashton Enger to Guest on Adult Site Broker Talk Ashton has spent over six years working with both businesses, and in that time, she has become a specialist in high-tech haptics and robotics and a proponent of leveraging technology to help people form new and stronger connections. After graduating with honors from Erasmus University Rotterdam with a degree in Communications and Media, she launched a successful career spanning the fields of fashion, entertainment, and technology. Founded in 2013, Kiiroo has been at the forefront of the teledildonics market with its award-winning interactive sex toys and its prime location between Amsterdam's commercial and Red-Light districts.
“It was a wonderful speaking with Ashton, talking about Sex Tech and all the new things her firm is doing," Bruce, the show's host and CEO of Adult Site Broker, said. “I have no doubt that you'll enjoy learning about Ashton and the company as much as I did.”
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