Arson Leigh Enchants Dick Dangle

Stunning model, content creator, and performer Arson Leigh recently appeared on the popular adult industry podcast, “Danglin’ After Dark” hosted by Dick Dangle. The interview is available now at Arson Leigh Enchants Dick Dangle Arson Leigh talks about how she got her start, going from modeling to stripping to domination. Arson realized early on that her favorite kink is latex and how she keeps the price of her fetish under control. Arson is always learning new things in her career, such as her love for having all her senses worked at once and pegging. As an exotic dancer, Arson realized she could domme in the VIP rooms at various gentlemen’s clubs. Another topic of discussion was creating content vs shooting for studios. Arson is always looking forward to the future, and an idea she has is to hold an art gallery show. Her friends are artists and Arson thinks she would do well with a show. When it comes to her off-camera life, Arson describes being a vegan for the majority of her life, and don’t miss when Arson and Dick quiz each other on musical tastes.
“I want to thank Dick Dangle for having me on his show,” said Arson. “He was such a delight to speak to and I can’t wait for my fans to listen to my episode on ‘Danglin’ After Dark’.”

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