Alfonso Osnaya Named ‘Cybersocket Stud International’ for June

Fleshbot powered by Cybersocket is excited to announce that Alfonso Osnaya has been selected as Cybersocket Stud International for June 2023! Each month throughout the year, Fleshbot will select and feature a hot and talented adult performer or content creator as our 'Cybersocket Stud International.' Alfonso Osnaya Named 'Cybersocket Stud International' for June Alfonso Osnaya grew up in Mexico and studied audiovisual productions while abroad in Spain. He claims that his studies brought him to porn, and since beginning his career in porn a couple of years ago, Osnaya has been featured in nearly 60 scenes for companies like SayUncle and CockyBoys.
“OMG, I feel so honored! Thank you so much for even considering me, guys! After two years of starting my career as a porn actor, it feels great to do interviews like this and share more about my work and my persona with your readers,” says Osnaya.
Throughout the month, Fleshbot will feature Alfonso Osnaya, including an exclusive interview and scene reviews. So be sure and tune in for more great insights into Cybersocket Stud International June 2023! Read more about "Cybersocket Stud International" here. To celebrate Alfonso Osnaya as the Cybersocket Stud International of the month, you can follow him on Twitter at @OsnayaAlfonso, and to keep up with all the fun happenings at Fleshbot powered by Cybersocket make sure to follow Fleshbot on Twitter @FleshbotGay.

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