Adult Time Releases Ricky Greenwood’s Horror Feature

Give in to the hunger inside with Feed Me, the ravenous new Adult Time release from director Ricky Greenwood - available now as a four-scene streaming feature exclusively on the streaming network. Adult Time Releases Ricky Greenwood’s Horror Feature Lulu Chu plays Sally, a woman who awakens one fateful morning to painful abdominal cramps, leading her to a strange encounter with a nun (the legendary Ginger Lynn) before seeking an emergency consultation with Dr. Petit (Tommy Pistol), who concludes that there appears to be no cure for her insatiable appetite. In her voracious search for gratification, Sally feeds her carnal appetite by indulging in an encounter with an old crush (Alex Jones), her handsome co-worker (Damon Dice), and her best friend (September Reign), but it’s not enough. With the help of Dr. Petit, Sally needs to break somehow free of the overwhelming force that has now taken over her life… Following Greenwood’s success with Adult Time productions Sweet Sweet Sally Mae, Grinders, and The Bargain, the award-winning filmmaker is poised for further acclaim in the upcoming 2024 awards season, as Feed Me presents viewers with special effects reminiscent of '80s horror cult classics while enveloping the audience in an eerie and persistent atmosphere that shadows the protagonist's journey throughout the film.
“Feed Me is a cinematic exploration of the consuming nature of desire,” said Greenwood. “Through Sally’s character, these cravings take on a life of their own in a journey that's both unsettling and fascinating, and we look forward to taking audiences along for this incredible ride!” “Working with Ricky on these types of projects is always a blast,” says Adult Time’s Director of Marketing Frank Stacy. “Not only is he one of the most passionate individuals in the industry when it comes to movie-making, but his extensive knowledge of cinema gives him an edge that makes all his projects unique and fun!”
You can watch Feed Me HERE.

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