Adult Time Announces New Tales of Undercover Affairs

Adult Time delves into the secret pleasures of forbidden sex with the release of new pilot series Undercover Affairs, with four simultaneous scene releases that cater to fans of straight, gay, lesbian and trans content. Adult Time Announces New Tales of Undercover Affairs “Boned-Again Virgin” (Straight) stars Delilah Day and Vanessa Moon (in a non-sex cameo) as two Catholic school girls campaigning for abstinence at their school and church. When Delilah’s step-brother (Johnny Goodluck) shows up, he makes a deal: if he can get her to enjoy the pleasures of sex, he’ll help campaign FOR her so that she can boast about having converted him. Win-win! “Horny Housekeeping” (Lesbian) stars Jayden Cole, Alex Coal and Queenie Sateen in a cameo role about two housekeepers at a resort hotel who decide to take a naughty break before almost getting caught by their grumpy boss and keeping the party going after she leaves! “Furniture Store Fornicators” (Trans) features Claire Tenebrarum and Erica Cherry (with a cameo from Shawn Alff) about getting frisky in a furniture store showroom before being comically interrupted by an oblivious retail worker, who tries to make a sale. After they are interrupted again, narrowly avoiding being caught, they finally put a showroom bed to the ultimate test! “Nurse Practicing Patience” (Gay) stars Joseph Castlian as a patient recovering from surgery who receives a visit from a very caring nurse (Dalton Riley) to help speed up his recovery before nearly getting busted by Joseph’s boyfriend (Brandon Anderson, in a non-sex cameo appearance). Enter the secret garden of furtive pleasure under the sheets with Undercover Affairs by joining Don't forget to follow Adult Time on Twitter @adulttimecom.

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