FAQ: Action Tags

Adult Time is happy to offer our members a brand new feature!

We are now allowing subscribers to more easily jump to the portion of the video that is interesting to you with a standard function that you’ve been requesting: action tags. 

What are action tags? 

Simply put, these are keywords associated with moments (actions) in a scene. 

How do action tags work?

Click on “Action Tags” under the video player to see the action tags.

When you click on an action tag, you are taken to the moment in the scene corresponding to that word.

For example, if you want to jump to the moment in the scene where “Missionary” starts, you would click on the “Missionary” action tag. 



How many scenes have action tags?

Most scenes since June 2022 have been tagged with action tags (3,200+ scenes). This number will continue to increase as time goes on. 

What is the “Chronological” vs. “Grouped” toggle for?

You can choose to view action tags either grouped or in chronological order. 


Chronological order shows action tags in the order that they happen in the scene, like this:




Grouped shows multiple timestamps under an action tag if that action occurs multiple times in the scene. For example, if there are three kissing moments in the scene, the “Kissing” tag will have three timestamps underneath, one for each time it happens in the scene. Click on the timestamp to jump to that moment in the scene. 



What do you think of this feature? Please feel free to give us feedback if you notice any problems or if you have any problems using it.

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