Bimbo Eruption! Alicia Amira’s BimboFans Goes Live!

The Censorship-Free Bimbo-Only Platform Launches with Slate of Plastic Stars

HOLLYWOOD, CA – Bimbo Queen Alicia Amira is proud to announce that after a successful beta her Bimbos-Only adult platform BimboFans is now officially open for business! Created by Alicia Amira after the largest platform announced it would no longer support adult content, the founder of the bimbo movement devoted herself to creating a place where gorgeous plastic women can be themselves. BimboFans models can come to the platform knowing it’s adult-focused and won’t engage in the censorship and shadow banning that is inflicted on adult stars on other platforms.

The site currently features Alicia Amira, Amanda Lovelie, Angel Wings Waifu, Baby Girl Lune, Blondie Bennett, Courtney Taylor, Jesse Bunny, Megan Million, Nina Grace, No Angel, Paris Milan, Sad Bunny Peachy, Thelma Viking, and more. The girls can’t wait to share their stuff with the world on the new site!

“Having a site for Bimbos only is dream come true. There isn’t any site dedicated to us Bimbos. On other sites we get lumped in with everyone else. Because these sites don’t understand our lifestyle, we get censored,” explained Blondie Bennett. “Alicia and Bimbo Fans understand that we are more than just getting some plastic surgery and donning pink for the day. It’s not a 9-5 job. Alicia is authentic and knows that it’s not only a look but a mindset, personality, and mannerism! Which is why I joined BimboFans, we both share the same Bimbo vision. By having a site dedicated to us authentic bimbos I hope we can educate the fans what being a bimbo is all about. This year marks my 10th year of living authentically as a bimbo and I am so excited to share my best content ever on Bimbo Fans!!”

Baby Girl Lune said “It is so exciting to be a part of a site working with Bimbos not against them! Having more creative freedom on a supportive platform is everything I could wish for!”

“I am on BimboFans to showcase my bimbofication progress!” said No Angel. “I am so excited for my upcoming surgeries that I will share with you, along with hot exclusive bimbo content. I’m so happy that the bimbos have a platform just for us! It’s a special thing to be a bimbo.”

“I’m so excited to be a part of BimboFans!” said Sad Bunny Peaches. “It is such a turn on to be able to share content on a site where more plastic is better!”

“When Alicia asked me whether I wanted to be a part of BimboFans, I knew there was only one answer,” said Megan Million. “BimboFans is the bimbofication of the fan platform concept. I can’t wait to meet new BimboFans and make new Bimbo friends.”

“We are Bimbo´s,” said Paris Ziana. “We are exclusive gorgeous women… a movement. Embracing the perfect plastic look… I just love it!”

BimboFans is built on the trusted X10 adult platform and CCBill payment provider systems. It has integrated free, pay-to-view, and subscription content eliminating the need for two pages to get new customers, premium messaging, private content request queues, and much, much, more. There’s even a custom search engine to help fans find their perfect bimbo. Drop down selections let the fans search, by whatever turns them on: body type, plastic surgeries, piercings, tattoos, nails, and more.

Visit today at Follow them on Instagram at @bimbo_fans and on Twitter at @beabimbo. Follow Alicia Amira on Twitter at @aliciaamiraxxx and on Instagram at @alicia_amirax.

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