The D Stands For That Dick: James D Cameron SHF Scene Out Now!

James Experiences Erotic Ecstasy from Clara Trinity’s Expert Rimming

HOLLYWOOD – See Him Fuck released The D Stands For That Dick last Friday, starring tall newbie James D Cameron making his See Him Fuck debut. The handsome, 6-foot-5 hunk towered over his petite partner, 5-foot-nothing Clara Trinity.

After Johnny Robins interviews the 26-year-old, James gives Clara a sexy striptease. When that dick comes out, she can’t help but suck on it. Clara gets him all nice and slick lubing up his entire body and paying special attention to his king-sized cock and tight ass. She sniffs and licks his hairy pits. Then the fun really begins!

Despite her youthful and innocent appearance, the 20-year-old removes his socks, lick his soles, and gags on his toes before rimming James like a pro. Round one of her extraordinary ass eating features a rusty trombone, then with him spread eagle, and finally with him in a reverse piledriver.

The two trade oral favors before Clara hops on top of him and we get down to the fucking. James deep-dicks her cowgirl, piledriver, aerial, doggystyle and missionary, stopping only for a quick Round 2 of the ass-eating where he cops a squat on Clara’s face.

When the time is right, James unloads a big creampie into Clara’s coed pussy, so much so that it literally drips out of her when she stands up.

Johnny catches up with the couple in the shower after as usual. James towers over Clara and is still hard as a diamond in an ice storm throughout the entire post-scene interview. When asked what he liked about the experience overall, James is only too happy to tell.

“I’m a lot more into that arm pit thing than I thought I would be,” laughs James. “It was fun. It was interesting. It was hot watching her be there.”

Asked about the rimming, the stud admits it was a first for him.

“I’ve never done that before,” he says, his gaze breaking with the camera to reminisce about the singular sensation. “That was new.”

Clara stands next to him smiling until she’s asked what she thinks.

“I liked everything,” she says with a huge grin. “I like his body. He is so fit!”

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