Scarlet Lyone Drops Hot New Site Content and More!

Australia’s Top Adult Entertainer Makes Statement on OnlyFans

VENICE, CA – It may be the dog days of summer, but Australian beauty Scarlet Lyone is busier than ever, doing live one on one sessions with fans and releasing a slew of hot new content on her site in the last week. Her fan club’s obsession with her new interactive sex toy, Romeo, is beyond anything she could ever have imagined in the best possible way!

I saw this toy and had to have it for the club,” says Scarlet. “I love keeping them excited with new devices.”

Romeo is a machine with a dildo attached to the end that can be controlled via an app and set to pump at 240 RPM. She came up with the affectionate nickname after being fucked so hard and deep she could feel it in her heart.

“Admittedly, it made my eyes light up when I read the description of this toy produced by HI-Smith,” Scarlet confides. “I love it hard and fast!”

What she didn’t expect was how popular it would become to her fans.

“I heavily underestimated the popularity of this toy,” she unabashedly admits. “Live one on one cam sessions with me and Romeo where my viewer has control of the toy to fuck me has been so much fun to say the least. You can make me cum, even if you’re 10,000 miles away with just a finger on your screen. This might even beat your PS5 game controller!”

Which lead to her making hot content for her weekly SL Superbowl Sunday video release. For the first time ever, she allowed someone else to film her while playing with her pussy and sex toys. The 12-minute video release starts with Scarlet in bed with her favorite vibrator wand and moves onto her being fucked from lowest to maximum speed by her new sex machine.

“My cameraman had total control,” Scarlet says. “I asked him to give it to me faster and harder a few times. The club has gone wild over this video release and have claimed this is in their top 5 videos produced for the site of all time.”

And while it does happen that sometimes Scarlet has been known to squirt, it’s admittedly rare. Which is why when what started out as a bit of personal play time and morphed into an insane play session last week, resulting in a fountain between her legs, the luscious lady made sure to capture it for her fans.

“I just had to film it from POV and release it for the site,” she admits. “It’s been left as an unlocked release because it was just too good to not let everyone see it! My bed was completely saturated in squirt.”

Scarlet also had feelings about the shocking news of OnlyFans new policy being rolled out October 1, releasing this statement:

The adult industry blew up on social media last Friday morning about the decision made by OnlyFans to remove explicit content from their platform. Of course, I feel bad for the performers who rely solely on OF for their business/to generate their income, but this was something I had thought of a really long time ago. At the end of the day, it’s business and you need to weigh up the pros and cons, what is your real motivation? Is this a long-term path you see yourself pursuing? In 2020, I made the decision to build my own website rather than relying on OF. This has turned out to be the best and most important business move I’ve made as an adult entertainer and businesswoman. This decision came down to one thing: control.

Sexual content is sensitive. There’s not much further you can go than to release your explicit content on the internet for the world to see. Why would I choose to play on someone else’s playing field where they make the rules from day one (which are subject to change if and when they see fit) OnlyFans is an amazing platform, I don’t discredit them at all for what they have achieved in such a small amount of time. They have made it possible for ordinary people to become stars (in some cases). Think about it, what a concept; just from looking at someone’s social media profile/noticing someone attractive at your local gym, there’s a 50/50 chance they have an OnlyFans account, and you have access to their explicit content for a small fee. Only fans paved the way for what is now possible for your everyday boy and girl who didn’t have the reach to become instantly successful on the iconic platform; Pornhub. I think that instant gratification is one of OF’s most attractive ‘incentives’: one reason why not many will consider doing additional research into other avenues or plan for what could happen later on down the track when they don’t have ultimate control. 

Building your own website is the complete opposite of instant gratification, you invest a considerable amount of time and money into the initial build, there’s huge effort and responsibility that falls on you, as the creator; to find, hire and fire who can add the most value to your platform, you need to keep on top of what’s going on at all times. It’s a business! You need to have the will, drive, patience, and resilience to make your own platform succeed. Everyone wants to be able to say that they own their own platform, but heavily underestimate the work and commitment that is required. is my greatest achievement and signifies everything I’ve ever wanted in this industry, loyalty, total control, creativity, and legacy.

Recently, Australia’s Top Adult Entertainer Scarlet Lyone announced that she is now offering one on one only live cam sessions for site members. Perth’s Ultimate Girl Next Door admits it took her a while to build up the confidence to try to go live, but that once she did, magic happened. Scarlet confesses it took something special to help get her there, specifically, an app controlled interactive sex toy!

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