Scarlet Lyone Offering One on One Live Cam Sessions to Site Members

Australia’s Top Adult Entertainer Shares Steamy New Shower Scene

VENICE, CA – Australia’s Top Adult Entertainer Scarlet Lyone is proud to announce that she is now offering one on one only live cam sessions for site members. Perth’s Ultimate Girl Next Door admits it took her a while to build up the confidence to try to go live, but that once she did, magic happened.

“Live cam has been something I’ve wanted to do for a while and I’ve had the question asked by site members numerous times in the past if it’s something I offer, up until now, it was not,” says Scarlet. “Live cam requires a whole new level of confidence on a performer’s part and in my opinion, trust. Not to mention the fact that there are no retakes of the shots/video like many adult entertainers (who don’t do live cam) are used to.”

The breathtaking beauty admits she wasn’t sure how to get past her nerves at first!

“Naturally the idea/concept of live camming made me nervous,” Scarlet admits. “I guess being so new to the industry and the fact that I have not yet deviated from filming my own scenes I find that when it comes to my content, I aim to create something to be as close to visual aesthetic perfection as it can be and this is what I aim to deliver to the club at all times; Quality and the best produced visual content I can give, for them, the best experience possible.”

Scarlet confesses it took something special to help get her there, specifically, an app controlled interactive sex toy!

“I have very recently purchased an interactive sex toy which can be controlled via an app, no matter where my viewer/player is in the world, so I thought this would be a great way to introduce myself to the realm of live camming,” she explains. “I chose one site member to ‘pop my live cam cherry’ and it ended up being the most amazing experience ever! He described it as almost ‘euphoric’ and it’s rare that I do, but I even squirted on camera for him. I enjoyed it so much that I ended up running another three live one on one cam sessions on that same day!”

With the fear gone and a new level of excitement and enthusiasm, Scarlet has decided to make live cam session a regular thing for members of her site.

“I am now offering one on one only live cam sessions to my site members,” Scarlet says. “I know this adds another level of intimacy and the aim at the end of the day is to please the club and enhance their experience with me.”

And continuing with her commitment to provide high quality regular content to the site every Sunday, or as they call it SL Superbowl Sunday, this week Scarlet dropped more steamy content – this time from the shower!

“This week I filmed a very steamy and intimate shower scene,” Scarlet confides. “Close ups of all the good stuff and I incorporated one of my favorite dildos and a vibrator into the scene, you can hear just how much I enjoyed it. Generally, the Sunday releases are locked and its pay to view but this week I’ve released it without the pay to view as a token of my appreciation!”

Scarlet recently gave a revealing interview to Christina at AIP Daily, covering how she got into the industry, the difference in attitudes toward sex in Australia and the United States, who she would love to work with, her dream scene and more! The impressive and insightful piece wrapped with Scarlet teasing some of her big upcoming projects.

When asked what icon dead or alive she’d love to meet and have a conversation with, Scarlet doesn’t hesitate.

“Marilyn Monroe,” Scarlet confides, “because she was the sex icon for her generation and is still considered one of the most iconic figures to this day. She paved the way for our industry in so many ways, she fought for her own empowerment with great difficulty at a time when it was uncommon for women to control their destiny in any film industry, we owe so much to her, so I think I’d like to have a word with her!”

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