Nalpac and Blush Novelties Team Up For Round Two of Dicks With Don In 7th Webisode

Nalpac and Blush Novelties Team Up For Round Two of Dicks With Don In 7th Webisode

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – March 27, 2020 – FERNDALE, Mich.– America’s leading adult distributor, Nalpac (, has released the seventh Webisode of their award-winning web series ‘Dicks with Don’ featuring products from Blush Novelties.

‘Dicks with Don’ features senior Nalpac buyer and 16-year veteran Don Zerilli, breaking down the top items for retailers and consumers. In this Webisode of Dicks With Don, Don welcomes Benny from Blush in Nalpac’s first socially distanced episode. Benny shows Don some BIG dildos and butt plugs from Blush Novelties that make six feet of personal space seem much smaller. Size queens and big dildo lovers will enjoy this episode.

” Second, go around with Blush and my buddy Benny. Blush has great products to present, and I have known Benny for years. I think you can see the chemistry between us and the passion for the product in the episodes.” said Don Zerilli, Nalpc senior buyer and DWD host.

This Webisode of Dicks With Don takes a closer look at two trendy Blush Collections, JET and Big as Fuk. The Big as Fuk collection includes the 9, 10, and 11-inch cocks and 18-inch Double Headed Cock all in brilliant hot pink. The JET Collection features products in a stunning Carbon Metallic Black including the Jet Annihilator, Jet Bruiser, Jet Stealth and the Jet Brutalizer, which is a 15 inch, seven-pound, ultra-large toy for the pros and big toy lovers.

“Always a pleasure to participate in Dicks with Don…even when it’s virtual! Blush is thankful for our outstanding partnership with Nalpac and looks forward to great things in 2021!” said Benny Neff, Blush Novelties representative.

To watch ‘Dicks with Don’ newest Webisode, please visit Nalpac’s YouTube Channel at

Nalpac customers can now place orders for products seen on ‘Dicks with Don’ using the Nalpac Mobile app or by contacting their Nalpac sales rep with any questions. New Nalpac customers can email to get an account set up. To sign up for the Nalpac email newsletter and take advantage of significant savings, special promotions, and online education tools, please visit Nalpac’s blog at

Nalpac offers over 22,000 items to retailers at a wholesale price. For more information on Nalpac, please visit the company website and follow them through social media for daily updates on Twitter @NalpacWholesale, on Facebook, on Instagram @Nalpac and visit their YouTube channel

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