NEW: Hot Spots

Today we’re happy to announce yet another new feature. You may have noticed a little something different during your daily visit to RedTube. We’ve added a graph above the timeline in our video player. This new feature is called Hot Spots.

What does this mean? The graph displays the most watched
parts of the video. You can now see the peaks which are the parts of each video
that feature a super steamy, action filled part of the scene.

The spikes on each graph can also indicate a significant
change in the video… such as a scene change or a change in position for

Dips in the graph will indicate the parts of the video that
were a little less popular to the viewer.

As always, let us know what you think of this new feature in the comments section below or on our feedback board!

Not a fan? No reason to worry. This feature can easily be disabled directly through the player settings on the video page.

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