Vice Covers Set of Inna Innaki Feature in Greece

10 Hours on Sugarbabes TV Set Shatters Writer’s Preconceptions

VENICE, CA – Inna Innaki and her man Teo are the two biggest stars in Greece’s burgeoning porn scene and on a recent day when the duo set out to shoot the first-ever feature for their, Vice writer Antonis Konstandaras descended on the set to see just how things unfold. The movie is titled F.B.I. Break Down Sex Scammers and will be available Dec. 1 and stars Inna, Vicky Love, Elena Xatzi, Magic Mike, Teo, Aris Owner and Nickol Kiki.

The Greek industry is a long way from Porn Valley status, almost completely unaccepted by mainstream society and largely undeveloped in any way compared to its American counterpart. Even something as basic as finding a makeup artist can prove a very difficult task. Konstandaras, who went in with many of the usual preconceptions was, like many civilians who visit a porn set, surprised by how normal everyone was and curious to be let in on a couple of the industry secrets (such as how guys keep it up and the use of imitation cum).

“I did not know what to expect,” Konstandaras writes. “I had read from other related articles that the feeling of shooting is very different from what you feel when you see the final result and are right. We are talking about a professional shoot, with the director giving instructions and the technicians behind the cameras to do their job as if turning any scene.”

After watching a threesome with Vicky Love, he approaches her husband and asks if he feels jealous seeing her perform with other people.

“Not at all. It’s a way of life. We are swingers and we come in contact with other people and outside the camera. Besides, this is her job and I knew it from the beginning. Indeed, I’ve also been involved in some shooting in the past.”

While waiting for a scene to get set up he took the opportunity to talk to Elena Hatzi, one of the most famous Greek porn stars, about public perception of porn folk in Greece.

“I think our society is very busy and full of taboo,” she told him. “I want to believe that we are helping to liberate the world in terms of sex. I really like what I do, but I cannot deny that it played a big role and the financial benefit. Primarily, however, I put the social part. I remember myself before going into the industry to have a very different view of those who made such films or sex with many comrades. By participating in these films, I demystified many things.”

And this article may help demystified many things for people, too.

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