Darcie Dolce’s Cherry-Popping Video for Black Label Magazine

The Content Is Getting Harder, But the Price Is Staying the Same (For Now!)

VENICE, CA – Everyone has their first time and being part of that is something one never forgets, so when Black Label Magazine decided it was time to push the limits of “artcore,” they did it with style and a superstar.

For years BLM founder Lincoln has resisted the urge and the requests to take things to the next level on the dirtiness scale because he wanted to do it right. But when he decided it was indeed time to push the envelope a little further he called on Darcie Dolce.

Shot in Lincoln’s fantastic new Portland studio, it features Darcie in a scene titled “Palace Pussy, Pt. One.” It’s the first of three parts, culminating in a girl/girl scene featuring Darcie and Verronica Kirei.

The video marks a fresh dive into explicitness never before seen either in the pages of Black Label Magazine or on its website. Darcie teases on a throne-like chair until sliding down masturbate wildly. Darcie, knowing she was breaking new ground for BLM, is even more sexy and enthusiastic then usual and was the perfect performer to sow this new ground.

“This was long time in the making and had to be done right if I was going to do it,” the Black Label Magazine founder & content creator said. “Now that I’ve started shooting harder content and proven to myself how beautiful it can still be, it’s clear any previous concerns were unwarranted. Starting with Darcie was key; she’s so beautiful and such a great performer. She and Marc Mojo really helped through some of the less obvious details of shooting porn vs art. Make no mistake: it’s still artcore, but edgier. I think it really works and I am thrilled with the results.”

In addition to Darcie and Verronica, Lincoln has also recently shot Serene Siren and Jade Nile and has several other shoots lined up.

The full video and pictorial are only available to VIP members of the Black Label Magazine website. Memberships are currently $7.99/$14.97 but will increase when the XXX archive expands. Those joining now will be grandfathered in at the current prices, which are among the least expensive for a premium site today.

Watch a preview of the Darcie scene at https://www.blacklabelmag.com/darcie-dolces-new-black-label-magazine-release/.

Purchase the print edition of Black Label Magazine at https://www.blacklabelmag.com/darcie-dolces-signed-issue-x-is-now-available/. Check out the digital issue at https://www.blacklabelmag.com/product/black-label-magazine-issue-x-digital/. All the issues and membership information can be found at https://join.blacklabelmag.com.

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