Birthday Girl Shay Evans on Episode 69 of the Trickykid Podcast

Puerto Rican Princess Tells Sexy Stories About Cops, Uber Drivers & a Very Lucky NYC Hotel Worker

VENICE, CA – Everyone knows that falling in love with Shay Evans is easy when you watch her sexy scenes or read her steamy books, but few know she is absolutely irresistible when you just hear her voice. This gatita purrs like the kitten she is and she’s so fun and interesting that one listen to the new Trickykid podcast will immediately lure you in.

The Trickykid podcasts celebrated its 69th episode by interviewing a pair of young lovelies: Shay and Avi Love. Host Roy Turner brought in pretty podcaster Lauren Dedmon (Rated XL) to co-host NYC’s Von supplies some new vibrator music. Turner and Dedmon were broadcasting from the House of Blues in Dallas.

“Joining us now is author, adult industry superstar and just all-around badass Shay Evans—”

And with that Shay, fresh from the Urban X Awards – where she was nominated for Urban X Hottie and Nicest Breasts Nominee – is off to the races.

Shay talks about how she was a swinger before getting into porn and she was surprised by how different the lifestyles are. Swinging, she said, is more like a hobby, while porn is definitely a job. “It changes your entire life,” she says, “and I was born for porn.”

“It’s way more professional, it’s not like the movies, we’re not going around blowing everyone,” she explains. “It’s way more professional than I had ever imagined. It’s a real, live job and a lot of work and it never stops. You’re working pretty much 24 hours a day. Doing movies is just the beginning.

“These scenarios aren’t so far-fetched for me,” Shay continues. “Yeah, I have fucked an Uber driver. I have gone to a party where I was bound, been blindfolded and bound to an X-type thing and I had sex with I don’t know how many men, they just let them in one after the other.”

Turner, clearly entertained and surely a little stunned, asks if this happened before or after she entered the industry.

“Oh, this was definitely before my career,” Shay responds. “I think this set my limits on what I was capable of sex-wise. I haven’t done a gangbang yet on camera, I think that would be interesting thing to do. I think it showed me that I was ready.”

Shay says she is looking forward to doing more anal and DP scenes. She also guesses that the party favors mentioned above were doled out to “about 13” guys. On camera she is hoping to do 8. She brags that she’s gotten herself out of some tickets with the police, given some Uber drivers the best rides of their lives, had some pretty crazy moments in nightclubs and recently rewarded a hotel worker in NYC who brought fresh towels and slippers.

“I think I pretty much made his night,” Shay says.

“I think you made his year,” Turner responds.

Shay’s birthday is this week! She turns 20-something on Sept. 27.

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