Jenevieve Hexxx Wins Favorite Fetish Live Stage Performer at Fetish Awards

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VENICE, CA – Jenevieve Hexxx is one of the country’s elite fetish performers and stage performers and she has just received another notch in her garter belt: she won Favorite Fetish Live Stage Performer at the 2018 Fetish Awards last weekend.

The awards were held during Fetish Con in Tampa, one of the wildest weekends on the adult business calendar. The three finalists in the category were decided by fan voting and the professionals took it from there, bestowing the honor on Jenevieve.

“I’m outrageously grateful for this award!” Jenevieve said. “I love Fetish Con and Genesis is amazing at putting it all together in a freaky fun fetish way! I’ll be conjuring many more snake stage acts for you all this year! Hurray!”

Right on cue, Jenevieve received a nomination from Pornhub for Favorite Fetish Model.

Pornhub, which has more than 6 million videos and 81 million visitors daily, is holding its first-ever awards show Sept. 6 in downtown Los Angeles. Winners will be decided by tallying and analyzing the billions of visits and video views and announced at what is being billed as “what will go down in history as the best adult entertainment awards ever.”

The Favorite Fetish Model category is going to be decided by fan voting and despite her status as one of the finest fetish models of her generation, it is no time for fans to become presumptuous that she will run away with the title.

“It’s very exciting that Pornhub is having its first awards show, it could be a really amazing thing for the industry,” Jenevieve said. “It has grown to become the biggest porn outlet in the world and it only makes sense. I’m very proud to have received a nom in this Pornhub Awards debut.”

Jenevieve is also up for Best “Adult Star” Feature Dancer and Best Ink at the 2018 NightMoves Award.

She’ll also be performing at the NightMoves Awards, showing everyone exactly why she is receiving so much attention for her fetish and stage work.

Vote Jenevieve for Favorite Fetish Model in the 2018 Pornhub Awards at

The first annual Pornhub Awards will be held Thursday, Sept. 6 at the Belasco Theatre in downtown Los Angeles. The show will be broadcast live in virtual reality. For more information and a full list of nominees to

For more full list of 2018 Fetish Awards winners go to

Vote Jenevieve for Best “Adult Star” Feature Dancer and Best Ink in the 2018 NightMoves Awards at The NightMoves Awards will be held Oct. 7 in Tampa, FL, at the Tampa Gold Club, 6222 E Adamo Dr., Tampa, FL 33619. For more information go to

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