Brandi Love Takes Charge in ‘Brandi’s Boot Camp’

XRCO MILF of the Year Nominee Pens Post About Politician Blaming Youth Violence on Pornography

VENICE, CA – You don’t fuck with Brandi Love.

Well, that does depend on which definition of “fuck” you are using. To rephrase it, you do not mess with Brandi Love. Though you can get messy with her.

In a new scene from Brazzers titled “Brandi’s Boot Camp,” Alex Legend finds out just how seriously she takes her workouts. But it’s not getting in shape that’s on Legend’s mind, it’s Brandi’s big ol’ boobies. Fortunately, Brandi is used to this kind of thing and she has developed alternative workouts for those who just can’t focus on anything but her amazing body.

Brandi takes off her top and throws her ass into the air. Legend rips off her leggings and slips his tongue into her wet hole. Brandi likes to get a little exercise in, too, and next she works her lips, mouth, tongue and throat muscles as she works his cock in and out of her mouth. Soon it’s a shared workout, Legend pounding her pussy as she makes her own moves and the both work up a sweat. The lesson: It’s important to be able to modify your routine at any moment if you really want to make advancements.

“Alex is a really strong performer and of course sex is one of my favorite ways to get excited,” she said. “I don’t think most fans – a few though! – would really want to watch us exercising for 40 minutes, so I think we really gave the people what they want. A scorching scene!”

“Brandi’s Boot Camp” will be available to view in full on on Friday, June 15.

In response to a media request for comment on recent words of Rep. Diane Black, a candidate to be the next governor of Tennessee, in which she named pornography as one of the root causes that are causing violence with today’s youth, Brandi found that she couldn’t be limited to a soundbite and wrote her own article. That article has now been posted on her blog.

“What Diane Black said IS wrong,” Brandi wrote. “Maybe she is crazy. Maybe she’s pandering. Perhaps she’s an ideologue. I have no idea what she truly believes. All I know is what she said & what the media is trying to do with it.

“It’s all disgraceful.”

All told, her piece weighs in at more than 1300 words not including references. Due to her openness regarding her right-leaning views, Brandi is often a lightning rod for those looking to attack her for her job choice and/or persons for her political perspective. While she might not prescribe to the majority view within the adult industry, she is far from alone and this article shows that she is not only opinionated, she bases her opinions less on emotion and more on information available.

“I knew if I spoke with someone in the media for 20 minutes they would only use a snippet and that snippet would be their chose and framed in their way,” Brandi said. “I wanted to be able to get my whole opinion out there without going through the filter of the writer, their editors and anyone else’s possible agenda. I think it’s important we tackle these important issues honestly and directly and I was excited to be able to weigh in on my own terms.”

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