Jennifer White Makes Literary Debut, Shoots to Top 10 on Amazon Chart

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VENICE, CA – Racing toward year 10 in the adult industry, timeless beauty Jennifer White set out to do something had dreamed of for longer than she can remember and today that dream is a reality: She has become an author – and a bestselling author at that!

On Sunday she published a collection of stories surrounding the loss of her virginity or, as she calls it, the gaining of her sexuality. Inspired by events in her real life, Jennifer clearly has plenty to work with having shot hundreds of sex scenes while also keeping a healthy sex life off-camera.

Within 24 hours, this debut, My First Time: Jennifer White’s Erotic Fantasies, went to the Top 5 in New Releases in Lesbian Erotica and hit #11 in Lesbian and #21 in the Bisexual category.

“I’ve had these stories rolling around in my head for years and it felt so good to finally get them written down,” Jennifer said. “It was slow starting, but once I got my groove I was able to really let loose. I realized that I really do have something to offer the world of erotic literature and that’s the point of view not only of someone with years of great experiences within the adult industry, but also a very fulfilling sex life outside of porn.”

The budding author points to her love of sex and wild imagination as the key to creating her art.

“I love sex on many levels,” says Jennifer. “Believe me, I have endless scenarios in my head to play with. In this book I wanted to go back to the beginning and tell people what it was like when I had sex the first time. It was an incredible experience and I think people will really enjoy it. I loved writing it.”

The book’s first review has already been posted and came in and 5 stars and offered some valuable insight into her writing.

“An amazing account of how adult star Jennifer White lost her virginity in a most spectacular way and the dirty deeds it unleashed in the following weeks,” writes C Ballena in their verified purchase review of My First Time. “Impossible to say how much is fact, but it reads with such detail and enthusiasm that it feels like it has to be at least based on her experiences — and they are astonishing.

Once her virginity is gone things unfold in rapid succession and every character is vivid and endearing and plays an important role in the unleashing White’s sexuality. There is no lull in this rare peek into the window of an adult superstar’s first forays into the dirty deeds that would later make her famous.”

The stories in this book focus on Jennifer, her boyfriend Ruben, her best friend Rosie and Rosie’s boyfriend Jimmy. Rosie and Jimmy offer to show Jen how it’s done, allowing her to watch them fuck so she will have a better idea what to do when she makes her debut. Not entirely surprising, that debut comes sooner rather than later – much sooner.

So what’s next for author Jennifer White?

“I’m already started on my second book,” Jen confides, “and hope to have it published soon. Don’t forget to sign up for my mailing list for updates and sales!”

Here’s an excerpt from her debut erotica release:

We went into her bedroom and we both sat on the edge of the bad. Jimmy pulled down his pants and shorts and his dick popped out like a jack-in-the-box. It was so big! I’d never thought about his cock before, but its size definitely surprised me.

Rosie took in her hand and stroked it.

“It’s beautiful, isn’t it? I always say Jimmy’s cock is magical. It’s amazing how it makes me feel. Jimmy is the best, aren’t you, babe?”

She stopped talking and slid it into her mouth. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing! She started slow and then started bobbing her head really hard on his dick, so much slobber dripping down her chin that I thought he must have cum right there in her mouth!

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