I Only Want Sex! Avi Love in Hot New Blacked Scene

Barely Legal Beauty Shines In Part 3 of Series & More

VENICE, CA – When Avi Love wraps her white hands around a big, black cock, people take notice. When that big, black cock gets slammed into her tight, pink hole, a lot of keys on keyboards are about to get stuck.

Avi stars in “I Only Want Sex: Part 3” for Blacked.com and it is the epitome of what the site is all about: a pretty, young, white girl turns her taut body over to a black man who fulfills all the stereotypes about cock superiority, and Jason Luv, the black stud who plugs paleface’s sweet button, is built and buff to boot. One can imagine some people in some parts of the country simply will not like what they see.

But for the rest of us, it’s pornography at its finest, with two voracious A-list performers getting beyond race to the core of sexuality in 37 minutes of less.

“I love Blacked.com and any time they want to put me in a scene with a magnificent man like Jason, I will be there,” Avi said. “This was as good as the job gets and I rank this among the best scenes I have ever appeared in.”

Avi plays a conservative apprentice to a famous fashion publication editor who is eager to learn the fashion industry. Jason is her boss and after they dine together one evening she realizes life with her boyfriend isn’t what it should be and sets her aim at winning over Jason. Can a workplace romance flourish or will he turn her away? When Avi sets her sights on something she is hard to hold back. She is used to getting her way – especially when it comes to men!

Take a look at “I Only Want Sex: Part 3” at https://www.blacked.com/i-only-want-sex-part-3.

Read her AVN Fresh Faces interview at https://avn.com/business/articles/video/fresh-faces-avi-love-756633.html then read her recent interview with ADT’s Captain Jack at https://interviews.adultdvdtalk.com/avi-love/.

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