Shay Evans in Hot New Brazzers Scene w/ Nicolette Shea

XXX Puerto Rican Princess Uses Sexy Skills to Raise Her GPA

VENICE, CA – Leave it to Brazzers to expose Shay Evans’ college exploits and perhaps even trigger an investigation into her transcripts. Sure, Shay got a little distracted while she was in college. Between sexting, fucking, masturbating, watching porn, daydreaming it was hard to squeeze in homework. I mean, why don’t they just have a sex class or three to keep a sexy girl like Shay interested in her studies? It’s not her fault that her hormones kicked in and her pussy was always achingly wet!

Finally, the dean of the college calls Shay into her office. Ms. Nicolette is stern, but she also understands how the minds and bodies of young women work and she knows just how to get Shay back on track: a little tough love.

“You need to be taught a lesson, young lady! Sit down!” Ms. Nicolette demands.

Shay, always the rebel, resists at first. “No!” she screams back. But Ms. Nicolette will not be deterred. She didn’t become dean by letting a bunch of sophomores push her around. “I said sit!”

Soon she has Shay eating out of her hand, or, rather, eating out her pussy. She uses he magic wand to keep Shay in line, smacking her with it when necessary, penetrating her with it as she wishes. Shay is all about this kind of learning and pays great attention and respect to the elder woman. They romp around the room, trading tongues and sharing twats and by the end Shay is convinced that, yes, she does need to study harder. She also needs to check in with the dean more often. That woman is so knowledgeable and inspiring!

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