Inna Innaki Busts Her Slutty Housekeeper and Makes Her Clean Up

Inna Innaki Busts Her Slutty Housekeeper and Makes Her Clean Up

Taking Liberties With Her Dildo Was Taking Things a Little Too Far

VENICE, CA – Inna Innaki doesn’t much like cleaning the house herself, so she hired on a housekeeper. How hard can it be? So she picked a hot one; if she’s going to be around the house and can clean as well as anyone else, why not get one who looks nice while she’s doing it?

Of course, nothing is ever as easy as that.

Anastasia Vega is the housekeeper and dang it if she doesn’t spend more time trying on Inna’s sexy clothes than she does dusting or vacuuming. Apparently Inna didn’t give her a real examination or she’d have noticed the ‘Slut” tattoo on her fine ass.

She not only gets into Inna’s clothes, but also masturbates on Inna’s bed and even uses her U-shaped double-dong dildo. In Inna’s opinion, that crosses the line and when she busts Anastasia in the middle of her dirty antics, Anastasia has to do some fast talking to get out of it. And some quick lickin’, too.

“I can get over a lady trying on my lingerie, I suppose, but my dildo is my dildo!” the Greek Goddess said. “I know it all ended well, but I really don’t like girls who are practically strangers getting so comfortable with my things. Believe me, I have kept a very close eye on her since then – very close!”

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