Lauren Phillips Speaks Up About Cyberbullying in Daily Beast Article

Lauren Phillips Speaks Up About Cyberbullying in Daily Beast Article

The Pressure Is on for a Solution to Attacks on Porn Valley’s Performers

VENICE, CA – Several tragic deaths that have rocked Porn Valley recently and XXX legend-turned-journalist Aurora Snow has been writing some important articles addressing the issues behind these sad situations.

This weekend the Daily Beast published Snow’s latest piece, “Why Are So Many Female Porn Stars Turning Up Dead?,” and Aurora’s primary go-to for quotes was an interview she conducted with Lauren Phillips.

Late last year the redheaded superstar Tweeted an ill-timed joked that resulted in a barrage of attacks from accounts anonymous and not that slammed her relentlessly – to the point where she nearly left the industry entirely.

Others have met worse fates: most famously, August Ames committed suicide in December after she was, many contend, literally cyberbullied to death. She was attacked after tweeting that she was cancelling a scene because the performer she was scheduled to work with had also worked in gay porn movies, a move not uncommon due largely to concerns about STIs. She was attacked relentlessly, both anonymously and by others well known in the adult community.

Such attacks are not uncommon. Female performers especially are attacked over their decisions to not perform anal scenes, shoot interracial or if other Twitter users don’t like their makeup or think they’ve gained or lost too much weight, among countless other criticisms.

“What hurt me the most: people I consider friends, people that know me, that have worked with me, they turned against me and no one but my fans stuck up for me. I felt like the industry hated me,” Lauren told the Daily Beast. “I told my agent and PR team, they said don’t worry we can handle this, they were so strong, they were by my side and I fought through it. If it wasn’t for my team, I probably wouldn’t even be here. I’d be done.”

By the end of 2017, Lauren’s dreadful experience was largely behind her, though it left scars. Still, she had an otherwise stellar year, garnered several nominations for her work and no doubt learned to be more cautious with social media. She does not ever want to go through the horrible pain she endured last fall again.

“Whether it was a day on set, a party or an autograph signing, Phillips shoved those feelings of despair as deep as they’d go, suffocating on the inside and smiling on the outside,” Snow wrote. “Neither fans nor her peers saw the turmoil within, for Phillips knew the show must go on. ‘No one knows how much pain I was in. This is my job. When you come to work, you leave your shit at the door, and that’s what I did,’ says Phillips.”

During last month’s Adult Entertainment Expo, Lauren worked at the Chaturbate booth and donated 10% of her camming revenue from the week to End To Cyber Bullying, an organization helping to combat cyber-bullying. Learn more about ETCB at

Read “Why Are So Many Female Porn Stars Turning Up Dead?”

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