Greece Erupts in Celebration Over Inna Innaki’s AVN Award Nomination


December 7, 2017

Greece Erupts in Celebration Over Inna Innaki’s AVN Award Nomination

Monday She’ll Be a Guest on One of Greece’s Late Show (& You Can Watch Live!)

VENICE, CA – Maybe they were happy that it came so early in her career. Perhaps it was the recognition of the country’s finest breasts. Or maybe they just love Inna Innaki so much and so sincerely that they couldn’t help but be excited: one of their own is an AVN Award nominee!

The Espresso newspaper put her on the front page with a hot, full-body photo and inside they ran more pics and an article that appears to name her the greatest porn star of all-time (though it is difficult to be certain without a proper translation). And the online version has even more titties! The spike of coverage shows the Greek population to be very excited over one of their own receiving a nomination and to be genuinely rooting for her.

And while Inna is new to the porn star business – she doesn’t yet have so much as a single DVD available in the U.S. – she immediately proved herself to be the kind of superstar that could impact the industry forever. If so, her AVN Awards nomination for Most Spectacular Boobs will not be her first.

“I was very surprised how much attention my nomination has received in Greece!” Inna said. “They are very excited. I have been in several papers and tv shows. This Monday I will be a guest on the Late Show, the most famous nighttime tv show in the country!”

Among the coverage she has received recently:

Dete: “Η Ελληνίδα που φλερτάρει με τα Όσκαρ του… πορνό!” (“The Greek who flirts with the Oscar – of porn!”) said ΨΗΦΙΖΟΥΜΕ INNA INNAKI ΓΙΑ ΤΑ AVN AWARDS ΣΤΟ LAS VEGAS (“We want Innaka for AVN Awards in Vegas!”)

Parapolitika: “AVN Awards: Inna is preparing for Las Vegas”

Cineramen: “H πρώτη υποψηφιότητα για την Ελλάδα στα Oscar του πορνό” (“The first nomination for Greece at the Oscar of Porn”)

SDNA: “AVN Awards: Eτοιμάζεται για Λας Βέγκας η Ιννα μετά την υποψηφιότητά της στα «Οσκαρ του Πορνό»!”

For more on the Late Show go to Fans can

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