Inna Innaki Workout Scene for The Life Erotic Is a Knockout


October 31, 2017

Inna Innaki Workout Scene for The Life Erotic Is a Knockout

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VENICE, CA – Inna Innaki has one of the finest bodies in the entire adult industry (or out) and who better to show off that fine figure than MetArt?

The highly-respected site consistently creates some of the most stunning content anywhere and what they did with Inna Innaki in Body Building 2 with MetArt’s is nothing short of jaw-dropping.

Directed by Spanish filmmaker Alis Locanta, Body Building 2 shows off the hard work Inna puts in at the gym and, oh, how it has paid off. Viewers are along for the ride, too, giving the scene a 9 out of 10 rating with plenty of well-earned flattery in the commentary.

“This is a great video,” said Muffinman. “I love the pleasured expressions of her face as she works toward her climax. Her large, hard clitoris and creamy wet puswah are amazing. 10 stars in my book.”

Another, going by the name Nonsense, said he or she learned something from the video: that being extremely fit in no way detracts from femininity. “I’m embarrassed to admit that I wasn’t sure what to expect – would a female bodybuilder be tough, aggressive, even a bit masculine? What a dumbass I am: Inna is ALL woman – totally fit, totally sexy and totally feminine, even vulnerable. And what a great climax!”

In this scenario, Inna is working out, dressed in a revealing white and gold leotard, skyscraper heels and full makeup. Her hair is styled immaculately. Her body is oiled for a sensual shine, adding to her amazing definition. While her routine starts off, well, routine, it soon gives way to a whole – hole, even – different kind of workout. After a set of squats, she can’t take it anymore and has to pleasure herself before she can go on. She gets naked and fingers her pussy in preparation for a dildo that soon becomes the luckiest piece of glass on the planet. If getting yourself off like that every day made you look like Inna, our Earth would be so overpopulated so quickly that…don’t even think about it. Just think about Inna.

Better yet, go see this piece of art for yourself. You’ll be glad you did. The pleasure is ongoing at

Also, check out director Locanta’s Facebook page at

Don’t forget that Inna will be camming TODAY – LIVE FROM GREECE! The fun begins at 10 pm Greek time, which is noon Pacific time and 3 pm ET. See how delicious the Greek Goddess really is! Go to for more information.

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