Bad Habit: Charlotte Stokely Scoring Rave Reviews for Sweetheart Feature

‘Sinful Confessions of a Sinful Nun’ Showing That Religion Scores Well in Adult

VENICE, CA – Everyone in the industry has known for a long time that Charlotte Stokely is the ultimate triple threat: timelessly beautiful, a performer second to none and one of the industry’s finest actress. Every scene she does is reason for mass arousal.

The buzz around Sweetheart Video’s Confessions of a Sinful Nun has been deafening. Director Ricky Greenwood is helping draw attention, too, since the movie is his first. Previously he studied film and spent a couple years working production.

Charlotte is not only the main character, but her actual sex scene doesn’t come until late in the movie, giving her Sister Charlotte plenty of time to develop as a character and Charlotte Charlotte time to spread her wings as an actress. She also has a solo masturbation scene earlier in the movie.

ADT’s team of writers has already penned a pair of reviews. Two of their most respected writers, bono-ONE and Flash, jumped at the opportunity. At XCritic, Apache Warrior snagged the first review disc to come through the door and promptly turned in his thoughts.

Bono-ONE scored the DVD a 4.5/5 stars and penned an exemplary review. He uses words like “Charlotte” and “perfect” in the same sentence. Here’s a highlight: In terms of a taboo release there is an obvious appeal with the women wearing Nuns habits and they do keep them on in various stages during the sex scenes. The storyline with Charlotte and Lily was good as was the dynamic between Nina and Mona as well. Both receive deserved payoffs in sex scenes as well as with dialogue between the women.

Also at ADT, Flash seems the most genuinely intrigued by the idea of nunsploitation flick and is ready to be transported back to the ‘70s with the Soul Train, curly locks and coke-fueled sexual liberation. Let’s not forget that this movie is set in a convent! He’s a highlight from Flash’s review:

Confessions of a Sinful Nun has a great cast who do a great job with the sex scenes. The cast members in each scene exhibit great sexual energy and certainly appear to have excellent sexual chemistry together. The cast does a great job with their non-sexual material as well. This reviewer loved seeing the legendary Nina Hartley in the role of the mother superior.

Writing for XCritic, Apache Warrior issued a coveted “Highly Recommended” review, saying, “This film is a very fine one that will be nominated for several awards.” Here’s more:

Nuns Charlotte Stokely and Lily Adams make love outdoors alongside the hanging linens. The atmosphere feels steamy as we can feel the women’s inner feelings for each other come out. Charlotte and Lily create a sensual bond that is highly passionate due to their long wait. Charlotte’s sexual demeanor is more hornier and in charge, while Lily’s is more solemn and focused. …

Confessions of a Sinful Nun is in stores this week.

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