New York Post Takes a Trip Into Virtual Reality with Anikka Albrite

Headline: ‘This porn star can do anything you want her to

VENICE, CA – The New York Post ran an article on Anikka Albrite and virtual reality porn this week and it was a big one.

With a headline reading “This porn star can do anything you want her to,” writer Eve Weston embarked on a trip to Porn Valley’s hot new thing, virtual reality, with its hottest star, Anikka Albrite. The result is a 1500-word adventure that takes readers behind the scenes of a virtual reality shoot with the industry’s top star as the focal point.

Weston followed Anikka on a recent shoot for CamasutraVR not far from Los Angeles International Airport:

CamasutraVR’s recent virtual reality porn shoot revealed a few key ingredients: some serious technology, a seriously hot porn actress and a whole lot of cameras.

Everyone agrees that VR is the next big thing for the adult industry, maybe even its evasive savior at a time when the industry has taken huge hits from bootlegging, tube sites and the internet in general. And from Weston’s point of view, adult VR may be ready for its close-up.

The article goes through each stage of the process of Anikka being shot by 132 cameras that scan her body, her face with all its obligatory expressions, and “the three B’s of triple-X: boobies, booty and baby-maker.” She then puts on a helmet and imagines a double penetration.

She’s showing off her versatility, imitating five orgasms in a row, as little sensor dots stuck to her visage capture her facial movements. There’s a tiny video camera on the helmet, right where the mouth guard would hang, capturing her every excited squeal — of which there are many — to make sure viewers later get the full effect.

After this part of the process is complete there is a post-production team in the Philippines who can go in and create perfection by, say, erasing scars or any unwanted marks, as well as change the makeup or hairstyles. But there are also things that Anikka brings to the shoot that won’t be altered, as Weston couldn’t help but notice:

The artist has the opportunity to go for virtual perfection, but that’s not always desirable. Albrite is a prime example: She’s known for her amazing arched back, a professional advantage that was gifted to her by scoliosis. Sometimes it’s the quirks of an individual that add character and make them feel human — a quality that’s all the more important in a virtual world.

Capturing Albrite’s individuality is an extremely important part of CamasutraVR’s process. Eventually there could be unlimited spin-offs of Anikka and any other woman imaginable, mixed and matched to any degree by anyone on either end.

These avatars could become your virtual girlfriend or boyfriend, with their own traits and characteristics, or they could also borrow traits and characteristics from a real human; Annika could control her avatar through a Skype-like interface. Of course, if she can do that, other people could control bodies that look nothing like their own too. Not too far down the road, we could live out our every sexual fantasy, in the body we’ve dreamed of.

It’s a world of seemingly limitless opportunity. And what better way to start than by pushing the limits of the industry’s greatest star of today.

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