Beauty and the Geek! Anikka Albrite Offers Herself to Bill Nye

Award Winning Adult Star Wants Science Guy to Try Her Out

VENICE, CA – Award winning adult superstar Anikka Albrite is, quite literally, the whole package. In addition to the looks and sex drive that have earned her legions of loyal fans worldwide, she also has the intellect of a dedicated scholar. That’s why when the ever-curious science fan heard that Bill Nye had a new show on Netflix, Bill Nye Saves The World, she was eager to get her geek on!

“I have been a fan of Bill Nye and a lover of science since my childhood,” Anikka explains.

To her surprise, Bill Nye introduced a new segment on human sexuality featuring Rachel Bloom singing ‘My Sex Junk’, which featured a shout out to none other than adult toy company Fleshlight. As a Fleshlight girl, Anikka knew there was only one thing to do – send Bill her Fleshlight to experiment with!

Anikka says, “When I heard him mention Fleshlight in his song, I knew I had to send him one! It would be such an honor to know he was experimenting on me!”

The award winning adult superstar went on to explain her inspiration.

“I appreciate his open-minded and out of the box thinking,” explains the blonde sex goddess, “especially the song’s message for sexual inclusion and acceptance of people no matter their gender or preference! We need more of that in this world.”

Anikka has pledged to post the offer on social media, tagging the popular science teacher. To accept it, all he has to do is reply.

“Most people don’t understand how horny geniuses get,” Anikka explains. “They forget the largest erogenous zone is the brain. I’d like to help Bill, the way he’s helped so many others. I’m looking forward to hearing from him!”

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