Kimber Haven’s Mega Fan Contest Is on NOW!

Kimber Haven appreciates her diehard fans and she’s having a contest to reward them.

Check out the latest edition of Ask a Transsexual Porn Star and see her answer some questions from her fans and see the tables turned with 10 questions for her fans.

Check it out here:

The questions are:

1) What did I do for a living before porn?

2) How old was I when I had my first sexual experience?

3) Who discovered me and got me into porn?

4) Where did I grow up?

5) Name 3 scenes or movies have I appeared in?

6) What is my natural hair color?

7) What is my eye color?

8) What does the Kanji symbols on my stomach say?

9) What is the name of my production company?

10) What is the name of the transsexual porn actress I have done the most scenes with?

The prizes are below. The first person to answer all 10 right, gets the Grand Prize and there’s also 2 runners up. Kimber will pick all winners! Contest ends at midnight on April 10th.

Grand Prize

A three-month membership to Her phone number to text her

Kimber’s Skype ID

A pair of Kimber’s panties

A signed photo

1st & 2nd Runners Up

A pair of Kimber’s panties

A signed photo

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