Sexy Standups Now Accepting New Models

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VENICE, CA – When Jaz, the owner of, set out to sell life-size cut outs of sexy girls in bikinis and lingerie, the print industry vet never imagined the hobby would grow into something greater than a part-time gig.

“In the beginning, I was just playing around,” Jaz explains. “I’d been making the same stuff for comic book heroes and celebrities for years. I saw an opening for this and went for it. I’m glad I did!”

Despite having a winning product, Jaz admits that at first, he was a little shy about getting the word out.

“I felt like a Cardboard Pimp to be honest,” he jokes. “I kept trying to get people to take a look at my classy collection of sexy ladies. It was a little awkward.”

Things changed quickly as word spread, and the novelty product gained traction in North America. Jaz acknowledges that in an industry that is enthusiastically veering towards virtual reality and sex dolls, the concept of an adult star life-size cut out may seem decidedly low-tech to some. But that’s part of what people like about his product most.

“It’s simple and straightforward,” Jaz shrugs. “It doesn’t get easier than this. No batteries required, no manual to read. Fans simply order, unpack, and enjoy!”

He’d know the process better than anyone. That’s because Jaz is the one who takes the images and turns them into life-size Standups, taking care of everything from sales to shipping in the process.

The girls who participate provide an image they own, they get a Lifesize cardboard cutout take a pic with them next to it, then promote their Sexy Standup on social media. They can also sell them on their site, or purchase them at a discount for promotional opportunities. Royalties are paid out monthly.

This week the company is proud to announce for the first time in years they are accepting new models to join their growing list of popular stars!

“The cool thing about this idea is that it’s a unique way for the fans to have something different that can easily be personalized as well,” Jaz explains. “The girls can now tell their fans, when they get a cutout of their favorite star, the fans can take a pic with them and share it. It’s almost like they really did visit them in person.”

The life-size conversation starters work just as well in person as they do over the web.

“In the past, we’ve had girls bring them to feature dance gigs or signings and auction them off,” Jaz recalls. “They’ve brought them to conventions. Fans go nuts for them! Girls can also sell them on their personal sites, or for raffles or promotions you plan on doing. Fans can even make custom birthday cards out of the image!”

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