Channel Launch: BadMILFs

MILFs… Guys want to fuck them and women want to be them.

We are pleased to announce the launch of another wonderful new channel on RedTube: BadMILFs

Every neighborhood has them, you may even know a few yourself, but have you ever had the pleasure of… well you know 😉  Whether your answer is yes or no, my guess is she left you wanting her or wanting more.  Bad MILFs is a trilogy of mature ladies trying to shack up with their daughters younger counterparts.  They won’t stop until their thirst is quenched and something tells me they are parched.

Check out this special 8-minute scene where Reena spots her stepson about to do the nasty in their living room.  Too bad Alex was unable to perform and had to send his girlfriend away.  Seeing this, Reena decided to give him a little lesson on how to jerk off.  Not the traditional approach, but sometimes a few strokes are all it takes to boost your confidence levels.  Find out what happens next in the video below:


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