Mark and Francesca Have Their Way with Alyssa Cole and Her Ass

18-Year-Old Makes a Sexy Spectacle of Herself in LéWood’s ‘Anal Newbies 5’

VENICE, CA – Directors/performers/quintessential porn couple Mark Wood and Francesca Lé have a tremendous eye for talent and when you look at the cover of their new movie you will see where they’ve been looking.

The cover of Anal Newbies 5 (LéWood/Evil Angel) features a smiling Alyssa Cole bent over in a way to show off her sweet ass and you know they both had to have a piece of that.

The movie kicks off with this Alyssa-Francesca-Mark masterpiece that will thrill even the most jaded porn fan. Alyssa’s freshness and sexual energy are a great mix for Fran and Mark, a pair of Hall of Famers who relish the opportunity to ravage Alyssa’s 18-year-old body.

“I absolutely loved shooting with Mark and Francesca!” Alyssa said. “They are a dream to be around. They are so cool and so professional and I’d really wanted to shoot for them and was thrilled to get to work with both of them. Mark is amazing and Francesca is just gorgeous and delicious and I’ll let her boss me around any day — especially if that means I get slammed by her husband’s dick!”

Did you know that Alyssa is nominated for Hottest Newcomer at the 2017 AVN Awards and that the trophy will be given to the person who gets the most votes? Absolutely true! So, do your part by going to and voting for Alyssa. You can do it once a day. It is literally the least you can do for a girl who has done so much for us.

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