US Election Day Seen Around the World

On November 8th, the people of the United States headed over to their voting stations to elect what would be their 45th President. After a nail-biting election day, Hilary Clinton has conceded her position and Donald Trump will officially be moving into the White House. Much like elections past, masses around the world had their eyes on the voting polls until the wee hours of the morning. People from Canada to the Philippines rallied in front of their TV screens, anxiously awaiting the results of this election period reality show.

When 7pm finally hit, results from the polls slowly started to roll in. Traffic to RedTube took quite a hit in some countries. Namely, Portugal who saw a traffic drop of -26%. Not far behind was Belgium and France (with a -17% and -16% traffic drop, respectively).  Countries like Colombia, Argentina and Mexico experienced a much lesser hit, between -6% and -1% traffic drop.


Looking specifically at the USA, RedTube’s site experienced an increase in traffic between 4am and 6am the morning of. Either the population was extremely excited to get to the polls, or the exact opposite…extremely anxious. From there on out traffic to the site saw a major slow down, dipping to -5% around 4pm and it’s lowest by 11pm (-22%). This can be due to the fact that a majority of Americans were given two hours out of their work day to go vote.


Hourly traffic in Canada experienced a very similar hit as the United States. Traffic to RedTube maintained at a steady rate between 4am and 10am. As of 11am, traffic started slowing down and didn’t stop until early in the morning on November 9th, when normal traffic levels resumed. Unlike their neighbors to the south, Canadians, however, worked a regular day, explaining why traffic levels were more or less regular until later in the evening.


For Brazil, Mexico and the United Kingdom, the hourly traffic rates remained pretty well at par with their norms, very much unlike Canada or the USA. Strangely enough, as results started to come in around 7pm, both Mexico and Brazil experience a considerable spike in traffic.









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