There is no excuse for this laziness Lexi Belle

I have a new pet fucking peeve.

You know I don’t like when I hear about porn chicks getting taken advantage of with their website. It really pisses me the fuck off.

I don’t like that agents like Derek Hay from LA Direct Models take a cut of a girls official website. His job as their agent is to make his money getting a client new jobs, not try and scam a piece of her pie.

But you know what else fucking annoys me?

When a girl who is active like Lexi Belle has on the front page of her website features that haven’t been updated since 2011.

Are you going to tell me that in now 2 fucking years you couldn’t be bothered to make a single fucking update? That’s just fucking lazy.

If that is the case they why fucking advertise blog entries on the front page of your site?

lexi belle website

You want fans to pay you to join your site then get off of your fucking ass and some some real updates.

Post some personal pics every week.

Update your fucking blog just as often. Tell them about what the fuck you are doing. Tell them some interesting stories about your life, being on the set, dates you’ve been on or what the fuck ever. Just don’t be fucking greedy. You want their money, then stop being fucking lazy and update your fucking site.



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