Leia Down Takes Over Internet & Radio This Week

Leia Down is in the Los Angeles area through this Sunday, March 31st. Last weekend, she did Adultcon, and this week she is available for interviews. Tune into tonight to Alana Evans and Missy Martinez’s “The Naughty Gamers Show” on Radio Sex, which can be heard on SiriusXM 103 at 7pm PST/10pm EST—Leia will be on for almost two hours hanging with the girls, talking about her love of cosplay and video games. Right after that, she will be appearing on a segment on the Naughty Show Podcast, which will air later this week. And then on Wednesday, March 27th, she will be appearing on a brand new show called Erotic City Radio with host Sapphire at 10pm PST/1am EST.

Erotic City Radio can also be heard on Radio Sex at SiriusXM 103.

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Her Cum Buddies (AKA fans) that missed her at Adultcon last weekend still have another chance to meet her. On Friday, March 29th, she’ll be attending Wondercon at the Anaheim Convention Center—look for her in her Super Villain duds, sporting pink hair and mask. For more information and/or tickets sales, go to http://www.comic-con.org/wca/2013/badge-purchase.


“Adultcon was a blast and I enjoyed meeting my fans and making new ones,” says Leia Down. “I’m looking forward to a full schedule of interviews this week and attending Wondercon on Friday.”


Leia is also penning a new monthly column entitled “Leia’s Lair” for Tattle.xxx. Her first column will debut this week with a piece entitled “Leia Drops the Bomb”.


ABOUT LEIA DOWN:  Like most busty super villains, Leia Down had interesting beginnings—she’s of Cuban descent and was born in Puerto Rico. Her family moved to Dallas to be part of the Wild West, but moved to Sin City after they realized Texas wasn’t full of cowboys, ranches and old towns. In Vegas, she took up flying, got a pilot’s license and later started her own aircraft detailing company. While flying over the Mojave Desert, she saw a strange light emanating from the ground, lost control of the plane and crashed. She disappeared for four years only to emerge a powerful woman with new special gifts, including incredible strength, martial arts prowess and the power of manipulation, allowing her to morph into anyone she pleases and teleport herself. In 2010, she started webcamming and making her fans’ (AKA Cum Buddies) fantasies a reality by morphing into one of 200 hot super heroines and sexy comic book characters, like Black Cat, Catwoman, Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, Wonder Woman and Baby Doll from Sucker Punch on her official site, http://www.MaskDDesire.com. When she’s not being the ultimate super villain, she’s a video game champ and a respected member of the Cosplay community appearing at conventions around the country. Try and keep up with her adventures by following her on Twitter at @LeiaDown, and liking her fan page on Facebookwww.facebook.com/TheLeiaDown.

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