Nikki Benz and Gina Lynn

I was going through some photos this morning and it struck me how similar Nikki Benz and Gina Lynn are. Is it just me? I think Nikki Benz, who is staring in the upcoming KlubKelli production Hocus Pocus parody (, is just sex personified. Where as, Gina Lynn, has a softer side to her and can seem more vulnerable. But the similarities are amazing, it’s like they could be sisters!

Look at the photos below and you be the judge. Nikki is on the left and Gina is on the right.

3 thoughts on “Nikki Benz and Gina Lynn

  1. not rocket science; same bad nose job, same bad Jersey make up, same cheap wardrobe, same dry extension hair, same poor genetic pool.

  2. To go along with pipeleak, most PWs look exactly the same. Start with a bad blonde dye job and a size-too big-boob job (to varying degrees) and go from there. Also, don’t forget to seriously fuck up your eyebrows. I mean, add Shawna Lenee, Krystal Steal, Amy Reid, Kagney Lynn Karter. and Jesse Jane to the above two and try to find major physical differences. And those are just off the top of my head.

    Bree Olsen, Ashlynn Brooke, and Alexis Texas all have similar faces to each other too. But they’ve got softer and cuter features.

  3. What are you drunk? They look nothing alike, just because two people have blonde hair doesn’t mean they have similarities.

    Nikki Benz has no shape she is a tooth pick with fake boobs. I have seen her in person she is nothing special just a typical white girl.

    Gina Lynn is real woman who is slightly thick and absolutely stunning. You can tell she is a woman and being latina (if I am not mistaken) makes her more sensual.

    It would be nice though if Gina would stay brunette and more natural, this industry has far to many white girls with fake blonde hair and fake breasts.

    Sisters I don’t think so…..

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