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Tuesdays with Nina

Tuesdays with NinaThe old saying goes, “Them that can, do; them that can’t, teach,” but sometimes there’s that one in a million who can do both—and SexIs has her. Each week, adult actress, activist, auteur and legend Nina Hartley answers your questions on all things sexual. Vlogging will never be the same.

Putting sex back into sex education, one question at a time.

What’s your kink? What’s your pleasure? What’s your most intimate desire?

Well, whatever it may be—as long as it involves consenting adults—XXX superstar Nina Hartley has heard of it, tried it, or maybe even perfected it. With a combination of real-world, hands-on, lips-on, and a few other things we won’t mention-on experience, Nina Hartley is a sex expert who walks the walk and talks the talk like no one else.

If you’ve got the questions: Safer sex. Kink. Poly. BDSM. Queer. Straight…Nina’s got the answers—or knows how to find them, and deliver the goods. But we don’t need to speak for Nina, when she can speak so eloquently for herself.

Got something you want to ask Nina? (Of course you do.) Send her a line at tuesdayswithnina@gmail.com. Now, while can’t promise that every question received will get a personal response, however, those that do will be answered frankly, entertainingly, enlighteningly and, if we know Nina, in the spirit of happy, healthy sex and a satisfied libido.

The vlog can be viewed at http://www.edenfantasys.com/sexis/columns/tuesdays-with-nina/

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