Joanna Angel Opens Up To 2Men1Podcast

Alt-Porn Superstar Joanna Angel Joins Upstart Podcast for Exclusive Interview.


VAN NUYS, CA — The producers of 2Men1Podcast ( announced today that their latest episode features an exclusive, one-of-a-kind, feet-groveling interview with alt-porn superstar Joanna Angel ( and
“Our interview with Joanna can only be described as a once in a lifetime transcendent experience. Not only is she super sexy, but also smart, engaging, funny, generous to a fault and above all, honest. We think that even her most obsessive fans will be both shocked and awed by some of what they hear in this interview,” said Q Boyer, co-host of 2Men1Podcast. “If I had to guess as to why Joanna opened up to us the way she did, I’d say that it’s due to our keen journalistic technique and winning personalities.”
Joanna was perhaps slightly less effusive in her praise of the hosts of the show.
“On a scale of 1 to 10, the level of douchebaggery for the hosts of 2Men1Podcast was at about a 4; that’s really not so bad,” Joanna said of Boyer and co-host DonG, who flattered and ass-kissed their way through an interview in which Joanna discusses her beginnings in the industry, the impact of porn on her family life, her eclectic musical tastes and her approach toward being a performer, director and business owner.
While the exclusive interview with Joanna Angel would probably be enough for most podcasts, overkill is the official buzz-word of 2Men1podcast, so the latest episode also features a discussion about marketing mobile porn sites (, the angry man segment “Porn Grievances” and part 2 of their Q&A with the Free Speech Coalition.
“We promised our listeners that we would deliver guest appearances by the hottest adult stars in the industry and I don’t think it gets any hotter than Joanna Angel,” said Don G. “Immediately after the interview I was in the Emergency Room being treated for third degree burns. Sure it hurts, but I can’t wait to interview her again!”
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