The Douche Bag List

People in our industry seem to forget about all the scandals and fuck ups and I don’t want that to happen so I’ve decided to keep a list for easy reference. I have a lot of information to add to this page so for now consider it a work in progress.

Mr. Marcus knew he has syphilis.  Faked his test and performed in at least two scenes, possibly more knowing he had a very serious STD.



XPICS – in the late ’90s they ran one of the most popular per per click affiliate programs and one day started shaving, and then stopped paying all together.  Hundreds and hundreds of webmasters lost thousands and thousands of dollars.

Monica Foster, a former female performer in the adult industry was exposed as being one of the largest contributors / active members of the website that exposed performers real names and addresses as well as in some cases family members –  despite publicly crying saying she was a victim. Shockingly she boasts “taking Donny Long’s website down” despite the fact that she was one of the people on his site giving him information and laughing it up in the first place. In addition, she would go on various sites and boards and harass others in the industry that she didn’t like.

John Stagliano – owner of Evil Angel – has been having contact of a sexual nature with performers without disclosing his HIV positive status. He doesn’t actually have sex with any of the girls in question (that we know of) but there is some evidence that he did penetrate the girls vaginally and/or anally with his fingers. If he was to have a cut on his fingers he could have exposed the performer in question to HIV and that is the reason he is on this list. Of course there are also the pictures of him standing behind a girl with his cock in his hands and we believe that once you drop your pants and pull out your dick on a porn set, you need to disclosure the fact that you are HIV positive.

john Stagliano also known at one time as Logicom. They at one time were an internet billing company like epoch or ccbill. Only one day ibill stopped paying and ran off with an insane amount of money from various websites – by some account more than two million, others say more than ten million.

Bill Fisher, aka Cezar Capone in 2009 – 2010 entered into several business deals, mostly for distribution of footage owned by others, distributed by his company and ran off with all of the money. He also stopped paying other vendors including the people who created his box covers, the people who printed the DVDs, at least two girls who performed in his movies, and so on. The guy is a real douche bag who ran off owing more more than $200,000 to various people. He sold off his Cezar Capone studio to other people but he didn’t bother paying off any of the people he owed money to with the money he made from the sale. Avoid this piece of shit at all cost. TOTAL LYING ASS HAT.


Marc Wallice was an HIV positive performer who infected 6 others because he didn’t disclose his HIV positive status.

ePassporte also known as ePass.  Christopher Mallick was the owner. ePass was an adult version of paypal. Then one day they took off with everyone’s money and said Ha ha fuck you! While nobody can say for sure how much these fuckers got away with, the rumors were it was in the millions. Of course they setup shop in a foreign country before doing, making it harder to go after them legally. The real slap in the face was that the owner of epass used some of the money he stole from webmasters to finance a movie called Middle Men with Luke Wilson as the star. They spent $22 million to make the movie and according to IMDB it grossed only $723,000. Right after, epass closed it’s doors and people found out their money was gone. One guy alone lost $250,000 and this jack ass was living it up and still does to this day. He was never brought to justice.


Shaliz Somani.  She was a part owner of epass and was even heavily involved in the making of Middle Men and given a co-executive producer credit so don’t let her hot looks for a moment fool you.  She helped the owner fuck you all out of a shit ton of money.  Every single dime you lost to the ePass scam you can in part blame her.  Again I don’t care how fucking hot she is, the bitch fucked you out of your money.This chick is said to still be working with Chris Mallick from ePass.  This is not some drama from her past, this is present day as she is still associating with the fucker from ePassporte.  A former employee of epass, high up in the operations clarified she was in fact involved and still is — Michael O on GFY writes …. Its pretty clear now that Chris stole a lot of money from a lot of people right?  Shaliza is still associating with him and working with him so I have a hard time seeing what your problem is. I liked Shaliza a lot and were very happy working for her for almost 5 years but she were Chris’ right hand woman and is still working for/with him! So that make her as guilty in my eyes as Chris is and as Chris have stated on this board his key people had a stake in ePassporte.


middle men producers



Paul Chaplin, Nicholas Steele, Bluebird Films.

Bounced checks aside, they also didn’t pay several affiliates, vendors at at least 3 past employees. They also brought untested performers from the UK to film in the US without the proper work permits.

One of the UK girls had gonorrhea and then they covered it up, after exposing several others to her STD in a group sex scene. Verbally harassing and threaten people who request the money they owe them.

In 2012 we thought they finally went away but a few years later Nicholas Steele popped back up making a few shady deals with the original Bluebird Films content library. I know of at least four people he screwed in major deals of more than $100,000 each. Be warned – avoid doing business with that douche bag at all costs.


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