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Fayner Posts: Just read the BellaDonna thing she posted about knowingly having unprotected sex with a man while carrying herpes. Now Bella’s a sweet gal, cute as a slutty button, and certainly revealing all of this to her fans and the rest of the world takes mucho grande cajones and I totally applaud her for that, but me thinks what she did is a horrible thing to do, whether she announces it beforehand or after the storm.

What was she thinking? Did she forget how she wounded the adult industry back on that little news show called Nightline?

I’ll end it there. She knows her mistake, and I think that is far worse than anything me or anyone else can write, paint or draw.

I hope it all works out for the best with all parties involved. God Bless.


Belladonna is clearly one of the classiest girls in the business, simply due to her honesty!!!

She writes.

*sigh* Well, my plan WAS to fill you all in on my past week and a half of life. But, sometimes things change in an instant. I CAN tell you that a few weeks back, I was as high on life. I felt that there was nothing in the world that could bring me down. I was given permission, by my husband, to have sex with other men. When I was first told, I never thought for a second that I could actually ever go through with it, so I just teased him by telling him stories of me having sex with other men, and it was a lot of fun. I did mention to him that if I were ever to do it, it had to be someone I was extremely attracted to. Well, that day came along. I found the perfect man to share this experience with. I told this man that I wanted to have sex with him and that I would pay for him to get tested so that we could enjoy ourselves knowing that we were safe. I had been around this guy in the past and Herpes was brought up, but it was never a straight forward question, so my answer was that 99.9% of the porn industry has Herpes. I thought by saying that it was pretty clear, but I should never have assumed. I got the test results back from Aim Healthcare and his test was negative for everything, so we set a time and a place for our rendezvous and I went on about my merry way. I was in heaven, feeling like I was thirteen year old again and having my first kiss at Skateworld. I had so much desire for this man and didn’t even know it until my husband told me of his fantasy. Well, I went to meet up with him and we shared some of the most incredible sex I’ve ever had. We began to talk about how responsible we felt for doing it this way and that people should do it like this more often. Get tested, get permission and totally enjoy yourselves. It didn’t even take ANYTHING away from the excitement of it! In fact, it may have made it even better! Then we started talking about STDs and he brings up Herpes! He says, “You don’t have that do you?” My heart almost hit the floor and my gut tightened up like a knot. It’s a little late in the game to be asking this now, don’t you think? It was as much his responsibility as it was mine, so I can’t really place any blame. I really thought he knew since we had talked briefly about it before. NEVER ASSUME ANYTHING!!!! I couldn’t even tell him the truth at that moment because I was so embarrassed. I just blurted out, “NO!” I kept thinking how am I going to tell him. This is a man who doesn’t work in the adult industry, granted I don’t know what he does in his personal life, but I should have said something before it was too late. I never said a word and left. I called Aiden right away and told him what happened and immediately after that I called “the other man” to tell him that I lied. I explained everything and told him how I felt and he was actually really calm and nice about it all. I took him to Aim Healthcare the next day to talk about it and told him I would pay to get him tested again and that I would take care of it for him. I am just crossing my fingers that I did not give him HSV-2 for life. Now you all know why I posted the Herpes blog because I went through a lot emotionally and got very stressed out over it all. I actually lost sleep and my appetite for awhile. Now everything is calmed down and I feel a lot better. My husband’s fantasy is gone. And even it if it weren’t I don’t think I could have sex with anyone else at this point. I am fine with having sex with just my husband for the rest of my life. You don’t have to ask me twice.

Anyway, here’s the kicker. I started shooting the Vivid feature, The Devil in Miss Jones: Lost Paradise and everything was going well. I’ve been working 13 hour days and it’s been challenging because I don’t usually do these kinds of projects. I know that it’s worth it to me though, because when I get to sit down and watch the finished product, I’ll see all the hard work I put into it. The night of the 23rd, after my shower, I was putting some lotion on and felt what I thought was a rash on my upper butt cheek. I was like, what the hell is this? and kept trying to think of how I could have gotten it and from where, or was it a bug bite or something? I could not seem to pin point it. I left it alone and thought, well, it will be gone in a couple of days, no worries. But it has only gotten worse. I had to cancel my sex scenes for today and I went to the doctor, only to find that he thinks it Herpes. I am not 100% sure yet because the culture won’t be back until Friday, but he loaded me up with medication. The thing is, it’s not a normal sized breakout. It happens to be 2 inches in diameter and it’s on my ass!!!!!!!! This isn’t the worst thing that could happen. I am totally aware of that, but it is a big fucking deal to me considering the size and the placement! He even said it could very well leave a scar because of the size of it. I nearly cried! It’s days like this that make my job suck. If there were one thing that I could name that would make me not want to have sex for a living it would be STDs! And that is why I am telling you all of this today. I will no longer be performing with other people. I’ll still be doing solo scenes for extras on my movies and also directing, dancing and signings.

This is really a big decision for me and it hurts me in some ways, but the way I look at… it’s time to let me body relax. I just don’t want to risk getting Herpes all over my body, or in my eyes, or genital warts or even HIV Don’t worry, I’m not leaving the business, I’m just not going to be performing in front of the camera anymore. I know that is why a lot of you are my fans, but I hope you continue to be a fan of my work directing and behind the camera in the years to come. I can’t thank you all enough for supporting my career throughout the years! And I’ll still be here telling you all about my adventures in life and all of the other really hot guys and girls I’ve been shooting. So don’t go anywhere yet, I have much more in store for you.



Fayner Posts: One would think this Dynamic Duo would have peaked with last year’s wildly popular WHORECRAFT.NET (now WHORELORE.COM), a porn-meets-fantasy adult series that gained Worldwide attention for its originality and superb attention to costumes, scripts and detail.

But now Dez and Alaura offer, the first-of-its-kind First Person Shooter Porn starring Jessica Jaymes.

Episode One is available now for download for about $7.

Basically, if you’ve even dreamed of being a SWAT guy who kills the bad guys then gets serviced by the pretty damsel in distress, then this is your Holy Bible.

Enjoy bitches.

Repeat, this is not an exercise.

This is real life, people. Real guns, real criminals and real blood.

If you’re looking for simulated bad guys and a hearty pat on the back from your instructor, you’re in the wrong place.

All your training has prepared you for this moment, and this moment only, so get your game faces on.

The plan is simple: get in, take down the bad guys, confiscate the drugs and save the girl.

You have no one to trust but yourself and your gun.

One way in. One way out.

It’s either total success or complete failure: There is no room for error.

Load ‘em up, boys.


Cassidey writes on her myspace:

I have been spending a nice amount of time with my hommies trying to figure out what I am gonna do with my life. Devan has been reading my cards and says I will be meeting a man lol . We both think it is that time again I have been playing the single card for way to long with the occasional booty call that I allow to kick it for more than a hot minute is rare. I dont know I spent some time with a beautiful girl named Jessica who if I may say is so nice and so pretty I am just afraid I am gonna hurt her. As for me I am gonna be slammed which should save me from any drunk late night parties where I drop my phone in the toilet. Not even I want to stick my hand in there to get it so I can sit there and hope it works when u know god damn well its not gonna. So now the wait for another phone I would say by the begining of next month I should be ready to do this I have one boy I have my eye on and one girl who will remain in Vegas which who knows I may move there next month while I have a minute. Oh yes did I fail to mention yes off to vegas I go I think if not there the BEACH. Waiting to see whats happens should know more by the end of this month though. Well hope everyone has a plesent read lol PEACE FOR NOW!!! RIP GRANDMA PEEK WHO PASS SOMETIME THIS MORN.


Fayner Posts: I’m reading that Lucy Lee is once again doing jail time. This ain’t the first time. It won’t be the last. Here is an exclusive report from back in 2003 about the last time Lucy got busted. Enjoy.

Fayner Posts: A source outside of the smut racket informed me on Saturday morning at around six that Asian porn actress Lucy Lee is behind bars. So I shot a call over to Ben English at LA Direct Models to find out if this was in fact the truth. Turns out it is.

Ben phoned me back on his way from visiting Lucy in jail. Although he’s cautious of leaking too much information on the who what where when and why of the situation, he did say that Lucy violated her parole which led to her arrest and incarceration. Asked if this has anything to do with her recent ejection from a porn party stemming from an altercation of some kind, Ben said no.

“It’s quite serious,” he told me.

I agree. Jail is never a joke.

Updating to a small degree on the recent incarceration of Lucy Lee, I’ve been told her probation was violated when she was arrested in a stolen car. Not wanting to become an accessory to Grand Theft Auto, I meddled no more into the specifics of the sad affair.

Lucy is the absolute best chick for Hustler’s Jail Babes series, if they’re still putting that out.


From Here Wondering how far the halo of celebrity stretches? Well, try this on for size. After dealing with the aftermath of a drunk driver accident on the Massachusetts Turnpike outside of Boston early Saturday morning, policemen and clean-up crew members lined up to pose with porn star Ron Jeremy for souvenir photographs.


Jeremy, anti-porn crusader Pastor Craig Gross and others were on a bus heading out of town for New York City after the latest pit stop of their travelling national road show, the Great Porn Debate. “There were eight of us in the front of the bus in the living room area and we all landed on top of each other,” Gross writes on his website “I have never seen Ron Jeremy move like that. My two kids and Jeanette were sleeping and did not even wake up. Jason the moderator of the debate busted his ankle. The drunk driver tried to put his passenger in the driver’s seat but thanks to all the cameras in our bus we got proof of that. They hand cuffed him and took him to jail.”


Jeremy has logged more miles on this tour than he did while making 1,800 plus adult movies. The Friday night Boston debate date followed the dates of August 5th in Milwaukee, August 6th in Chicago, August 7th in Grand Rapids, August 8th in Indianapolis and August 9th in Pittsburgh. The tour concluded Saturday, August 10th with a final Big Apple engagement.


The Great Porn Debate includes questions from the audience, and at the Chicago engagement for example, when an audience member complained about the imagery of women put forth in porn, the Hedgehog suggested that this was also true of much of the mainstream media. “If that were the problem, then we should condemn Britney Spears, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Hell, I used to masturbate to Gilligan’s Island!'”


Jeremy has always been (also) known for his throwaway sense of humor. To wit, his February 2007 autobiography is titled The Hardest (Working) Man in Hollywood. The former adult superstar also recently loaned out his Hollywood apartment as a shooting location for Entourage.